Christine has caused me to think about people I have known over the years. There was the girl I spent so much time with in high school. She contacted me when I moved back home. She came over. We had a nice time, but we were both very different people. After a while, she seemed eager to leave and I was glad to see her go. Over the years, I mentioned her to other people from school, but no one had had any contact with her. A few years ago, I got a list of classmates that the alumni was trying to reach and she was on the list. I even tried calling her brother. I left a message, but he never called back. It was kind of creepy.Sometimes, I think that I don’t trust women. I had one that stole from me then acted like I stole from her. She still talks about it. Since we both are involved in knitting, we know some of the same people. Some believe her. Others do not. I don’t say much of anything. Why bother. It makes me sad that she is like this. I thought she was my friend when she was really stealing my designs. That’s one of the reasons why I offer free patterns. I don’t need the money. It’s not that important to me. A beret pattern will be coming soon. My girlfriend wants one.

It really surprises me when I get an invitation. I love it when I get an email saying “**** has added you as a friend”. It’s like the cheerleader asking the wallflower. So, I want to say “Thank you” to everyone.


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  1. Colette Sheeler Says:

    Hi Sandy – Just wanted to say Hi. I also wanted to let you know that you should not be sad that she stole your design from you. Although it’s not right, think of it as a compliment that she thinks so highly of your work. Your designs are so beautiful. Each one is a masterpiece. Masters are always copied and you should feel honored that you ARE a master! Don’t waste one more minute being upset by that.

  2. Christine Says:

    That is so sad. I think we all have had some friendship disasters. I know I have had. I once had a friend who made a pass at my husband! Whoa! I have also had some of the most wonderful gals you could ever hope for as friends. I guess life is risk. It is still not fun when you get betrayed.

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