Not a Good day

I managed to kill my newest tire this afternoon. Why couldn’t it have been the old one? And of course I was 20 miles from home. Sweetums came and changed it for me. I am so glad it wasn’t raining. Otherwise, it would still be sitting in the parking lot. He did agree with me that it was not a very book store and not worth going back. I did buy a ADC map and a chai tea there. Dusty used book stores are more to our liking.

Doug installed the fans yesterday. They look good. Don’t you think?

I got some more done on my hat. It should be done in a couple of days. I like the way that the colors change. I think I will do another row after this one before the final row.

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4 Responses to “Not a Good day”

  1. Christine Says:

    Ahhh…chai tea…I am almost out. I got a Starbucks gift certificate for Christmas…I shall get some more. The hat is coming along nicely. I haven’t touched the sweater. I had better get at it soon before I forget what I am doing! I hate unknitting things to try to fix up my messes. I am sure it is going to require some fancy unknitting! Wonky sweater. LOL

  2. Nancy Says:

    Your hat is beautiful! I love the colors! Do you know of a easy pattern for a beret?

  3. frivolousfluffy Says:

    Christine, I unknit the same sweater twice. I almost did it a third time, but I decided that the yarn was out to get me. It went to the Goodwill store. Speaking of Starbucks, one just opened here in Seaford! Will wonders ever cease?

    Nancy, I will gladly write you a pattern. Do you know what yarn you will be using? I could send you some.

  4. Nancy Says:

    Thanks, so much for your offer to write me a pattern! I wasn’t expecting you to do that! I thought you might know of one in a book. I stumbled on a yarn by red heart called KISS. I love it! I don’t know if it is still available in the stores. Last year, when I was at Walmart, they had a huge box of different yarns on sale. I picked out a whole bunch. I really didn’t know what I was buying!!! I picked out mostly the fun fur yarn, since I was knitting scarves at the time. This year, I was going through the yarns I bought last year, and came upon two skeins of the Kiss yarn. I knitted a scarf (of course)! and it turned out so soft and pretty. I thought a beret would look nice in that yarn or maybe a mohair or angora. I have a very small head, and I can never find a hat to fit me in the adult sizes. It is very frustrating! Anyway, I have tried to find the Kiss yarn at Michaels and Walmart, and haven’t been able to find it. I looked on e-bay and there is some on their site. Are you familiar with it? Thanks again!!!

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