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The Hat

February 21, 2018

  Here’s the finished hat.  It’s cute, but not ‘me’ cute.   What do I do with it?  Who can I give it to.  Not a relative.  It wouldn’t look right on any of them, especially the men.  Maybe a friend?  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

I started Babar last night.  I may go down a needle size and I’m not very happy with their increase method.  The increase I use on the thumb gussets for gloves is tidier.

Free Entrelac Hat Pattern—1000 Hits

December 9, 2008

Gee, thanks, guys.  I only wish that I knew who you were.  I should do something to celebrate.  How about another free pattern?  What should it be?  How about the matching scarf?   I also have a couple of sock patterns, one of which has an entrelac cuff.  I’ll have to dig through my stuff.


I finished my red socks yesterday at knitting group.  Afterward, I went out to dinner with one of the girls and we had a great time.



This is the first really cold day we’ve had since last winter.  It stayed in the upper twenties.  I had to cut my walk short this morning.  I was too stiff.  Also, the frost on the creek never melted.  It was unbelievably quiet.


Black Friday

November 29, 2008

It is my understanding that it the day that retailers usually get out of the red and go into the black.  I didn’t do anything to help the situation.  It is much safer to stay home.

I decided to make a hat to go with the Danish sweater.  It’s almost finished.  Maybe I’ll have a picture in another day or two.

Back to Normal

June 12, 2008

wavy sockIt’s just about 80 degrees with 55% humidity.  The air conditioner is off and the windows are open.  It’s June again.  I should have gone to the supermarket, but I didn’t. 

 I sat out back and worked on my socks.  I’m ready to decrease for my big toes.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a picture of a completed sock.   I kept forgetting where I was on this sock.  It doesn’t look very wavy to me.  I thought of taking it apart a few times, but I didn’t.  I kept hoping it would look better.  maybe I’ll make the other sock differently.  What do I like about it?  It feels wonderful–bot in the knitting and in the wearing.  The fit is right, too.  I could make little X’s and O’s.  I’d probably forget where I was there, too.  But, what the hey.chesire cat

Look at what my daughter gave me!  She found it on eBay.  She said one of her customers was wearing one just like it.  She got it at the resort so Jenn searched and found it on eBay.  It makes feel good when things like this happen.

Did I mention that I also sew hats?

Maude is P O’ed

January 12, 2008

For the past two nights, Zippo has gone to bed early in Maude’s favorite sleeping place–the dirty clothes basket. What could be better than Mom’s dirty underwear? She looked so sad. I told her she should go to bed sooner, but she said Zippo had ruined the flavor. When I went to bed, I laid my clothes on the settee. She curled up on them and went to sleep.

The hat is finished. I am glad that I decided to add another row of squares. It made the hole bigger, but I just did a few more rows of decreases before starting the I-cord. I like it much more than the last one. Speaking of which, I started the gloves last night.

I have already decided to take this out and make a swatch on size 2’s. This rib is a tad too loose for me. I worked on the back of the table runner, but I was getting frustrated. I couldn’t think straight. Or was it that I could think straight when I needed to think diagonally? Zippo was no help.



Not a Good day

January 7, 2008
I managed to kill my newest tire this afternoon. Why couldn’t it have been the old one? And of course I was 20 miles from home. Sweetums came and changed it for me. I am so glad it wasn’t raining. Otherwise, it would still be sitting in the parking lot. He did agree with me that it was not a very book store and not worth going back. I did buy a ADC map and a chai tea there. Dusty used book stores are more to our liking.

Doug installed the fans yesterday. They look good. Don’t you think?

I got some more done on my hat. It should be done in a couple of days. I like the way that the colors change. I think I will do another row after this one before the final row.

Ice onthe Creek

January 5, 2008

I was surprised to see all this ice when I got up.

It wasn’t windy and I was feeling better so I went on a walk with the dog.  We walked down the main road and then cut through the woods to the river.  The water was really moving.  Gus likes to run along the beach when the tide is down, but today he wasn’t at all interested.  We were out for an hour.  It wasn’t bad, but I was glad to get home and get warm.  There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee on a cold day.

I started sewing on the table runner.  Zippo helped.  He had a lot to say.

  Look.  I made a snowflake.  I programed it into my machine and put several on the top.  I really like this machine. 

I got some knitting done.

  After I finish this hat, I am going to make gloves to go with the hat I made last week.

I’m pretty tired.  I should go to bed.