Maude is P O’ed

For the past two nights, Zippo has gone to bed early in Maude’s favorite sleeping place–the dirty clothes basket. What could be better than Mom’s dirty underwear? She looked so sad. I told her she should go to bed sooner, but she said Zippo had ruined the flavor. When I went to bed, I laid my clothes on the settee. She curled up on them and went to sleep.

The hat is finished. I am glad that I decided to add another row of squares. It made the hole bigger, but I just did a few more rows of decreases before starting the I-cord. I like it much more than the last one. Speaking of which, I started the gloves last night.

I have already decided to take this out and make a swatch on size 2’s. This rib is a tad too loose for me. I worked on the back of the table runner, but I was getting frustrated. I couldn’t think straight. Or was it that I could think straight when I needed to think diagonally? Zippo was no help.



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  1. Christine Says:

    The hat and gloves turned out really, really nice. Zippo…you are hilarious! You remind me of my daughters cat, Libby Bean! She constantly gets into trouble too. I started a new sweater. The new pattern is wonky too. The cable panels do not add up mathematically to the amount they are supposed too. This is not too big of an obstacle as I simply picked my own panels. I like the design of this sweater better.

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