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I had a nice hot shower and washed my hair this afternoon. Then I stepped out into a cosy warm bathroom. It felt so good. Usually I have to steel myself for the cold air, but the new heat lamps are great. They really do the job. That little bathroom is at the end of the house and never gets warm. There is now a heat, vent, fan thingy in the big bathroom. I don’t like that shower, the bathtub sucks and there are no windows so I will stick to my little bathroom. We had some switches redirected so we could have ceiling fans with lights put in our bedroom and family room. Two days with strange men in the house is two days too many.

Almost done.

There was still a little ice this morning and I was really cold when I went out with the dog.

I’m just not a winter person. It takes forever to get dressed and my feet are always cold.

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2 Responses to “New Stuff”

  1. Christine Says:

    The picture in your previous post of Zippo cracks me up. That cat looks like He? She? is laughing. I love the picture of the creek. What a beautiful place for a walk. I got boots rated for minus forty last year so my feet stay toasty but they are so clunky. I can’t really go for a walk, I go for a clomp get tired out from lifting my feet then come home. Usually by this time the rest of me is frozen anyway. LOL

  2. Jennic Says:

    You live in a nice neighborhood. How cool to live by a creek/pond. We used to live not too far from the lake and the kids like going to the play area.

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