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Christine and Nancy are a great help to me when I talk about the weather. Nancy makes me enjoy my Summers when she talks about the 120 degree weather. Christine makes me enjoy my Winters when she talks about the -22 degree weather. Thank you so much. It just makes me feel so much better. Can you see the self satisfied grin on my face? No. Wait. I shouldn’t talk that way. I’ll go live in a cave and eat worms. But I do enjoy Delaware. I think that you should both come for a visit in May. We can sit out on the deck and knit the day away.

This morning.

This evening. Myuushi is always helpful.

When I have to pick up new stitches between the fingers, I pick up twice as many, the knit 2tog. It helps to close the gap. I also do this on heels when making socks.

Here’s my purple and black sweater with my new hat and gloves. Now, I have to make a scarf.


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  1. Nancy Says:

    I have to thank you for sending some cold weather my way. Tonight it is 48 degrees!!! I can’t belive it!! It actually feels like winter to me! Your gloves are beautiful and your hat goes so well with your sweater.

    A May visit sounds good to me!!! Maybe I’ll have progressed with my knitting by then.

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