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The Electrician was Late

October 22, 2008

And he didn’t finish.  So what else is new?  It means another day when I will have to get dressed when I get up.  It’s almost like having to go to work.  Boy, I don’t miss that 4:30AM alarm.  Half the year, it wasn’t even light out by the time I started work.  I don’t miss that job either.

Here’s my new handbag.  Isn’t it cute?  No gagging.

It was nice enough to sit outside for a while this afternoon and knit. 

I finished the decreases for the heel and now I am heading for the toe.

It is really starting to look like Autumn. 

All I Wanted was a New Handbag

October 18, 2008

I looked at a couple of nice stores in town and even hit the outlets in Rehoboth to no avail.  I knew what I wanted and I knew what I didn’t want.  It didn’t seem that difficult.  You know, there must be millions of handbags for sale on eBay.  I found several I liked and wound up getting two.  I had placed five bids.  Now my eyeballs feel like they are about to fall out.  I looked at fabric and embroidery designs, too.  After a while, I stopped looking because I was so tired that I couldn’t make a decision.  There’s no rush. 

No work has gotten done on my socks, but the too long sweater is coming along.  I’ve also been sewing.  I have knitting group tomorrow and I will take my socks.  There has been talk of moving the location.  Originally, the store invited us, and now, we feel like they are trying to push us out.     

Zip helped me get some sewing done.

I Tried

October 7, 2008

All but two of the bills were paid.(I ran out of stamps).  One form was filed out.(The other nay not be necessary).  One phone call was made.(But they have to call back).  A bunch of fabric was washed and hung out.  I baked some chicken breasts along with some dressing.  I even made gravy.  I steamed some broccoli and sprinkled a little cheese on top.  Knitting progressed.

The color isn’t right, but the stitches are clear.  See that little white speck?  It’s a piece of cheese.

Clue #2 Finished

April 27, 2008

I finally finished them around 8PM. I did a few at a time. It’s not that I am losing interest, it’s more like there is so much that I want to do.

And now, Doug wants me to help paint. Ugh. I know that it has to be done, but I am always stuck with the detailing. Standing in one spot is so boring. I am glad he took all the wallpaper trim down. It was so ugly and she hadn’t even cleaned the wall before hand. You could see where she had something diferent before. Now the walls are completely smooth and what has been done so far looks good. It’s a happy color. When we are done, our neighbor Frank is going to install a simple crown molding. We don’t want to detract from the view out the windows. Not that much of anything would.

We are still waiting for goose babies. There has also been a fair number of shore birds at low tide lately. They like those baby fishies. I like watching them dash about on their long skinny yellow legs.

I also got the ribbing done on the second sleeve of my sweater.

Cooler Today

April 21, 2008

After our walk, I showered and got ready to go to knitting group. I am glad I thought to wash my hair and wear something decent because someone was taking pictures. My socks are coming along. It’s a Lucy Neatby pattern.

My yarn came yesterday. I don’t know when I will get to make something with it. I have about six different patterns in mind. I know it won’t be the cardigan that seems to be so popular currently.

I seem to be a bit grouchy so I will stop now.

Hair Color

March 13, 2008
Since my crazy ex-girlfriend disowned me, I have not been able to get hair color that I can use, so I have decided to stop for now. It will interesting to see how grey I have become. My husband has been thoroughly white for years(and it’s really thin, too) so I still won’t look like an old lady. I have been able to find just about everything but hair color here that has not been animal tested so I guess I can live with grey hair.

I started on a sweater for me last night. I started on a sleeve. That way I don’t have so much to tear out if I don’t like it. I like it so far. Doug wants me to do one with stars.

Pretty, huh?

I did some quilting today. It is so different from dressmaking. You have to be so precise and I like to just wing it. I need to sew, but I don’t need any more clothes. I never would have thought that I would ever say such a thing. I am hoping that I will get this quilting thing down.

Ready to sew together.

It’s kind of lumpy.

The borders are on. Now I have to cut out and applique the hearts. That’s my favorite part. I like to embellish. I also want to embroider a label. I think I have a cat one somewhere. I may also embroider some more hearts and flowers. And, to think, I actually managed to take all these pictures without any cats.

Nancy and Christine

February 5, 2008

I am really going to enjoy making the gloves and mittens for you two. Nancy picked a yarn that is fingering weight which is good because she lives in Phoenix where it doesn’t get really cold. Maybe I will make something lacy. Christine said to surprise her. So many things come to mind that I just don’t know what I am going to do. She has so much snow that she saw a horse drawn sleigh go by her house. I figure I could make anything because she probably needs mittens year round. But, seriously folks, I am thinking about doing twined knitting with some Noro orphans that I have lying around.

I only had to wear a sweater when we walked this morning. We walked way down the river. Gus smelled plenty of deer. I finally had to give him to Doug. He was so excited that he wouldn’t listen. I think he will always be a silly puppy. Not at all like my serious German Shepherds. Kevin doesn’t mind.

Knitting Group

January 21, 2008
Barnes and Noble has a knitting group twice a month. I almost didn’t go. It was so cold–wind chill 13 degrees. There weren’t very many people there. I finished knitting my gloves and put a new thumb on an old pair. I picked the wrong yarn, but it was a very close match.

It’s good enough for me.

These gloves were a lot of fun to make. I still have most of a ball left for a scarf. Also, it’s a good way to know keep track the yarn when you have to put in a new finger or thumb on your gloves.

The old boys decided it was sweater day.


Yesterday’s Comments

January 17, 2008
Christine and Nancy are a great help to me when I talk about the weather. Nancy makes me enjoy my Summers when she talks about the 120 degree weather. Christine makes me enjoy my Winters when she talks about the -22 degree weather. Thank you so much. It just makes me feel so much better. Can you see the self satisfied grin on my face? No. Wait. I shouldn’t talk that way. I’ll go live in a cave and eat worms. But I do enjoy Delaware. I think that you should both come for a visit in May. We can sit out on the deck and knit the day away.

This morning.

This evening. Myuushi is always helpful.

When I have to pick up new stitches between the fingers, I pick up twice as many, the knit 2tog. It helps to close the gap. I also do this on heels when making socks.

Here’s my purple and black sweater with my new hat and gloves. Now, I have to make a scarf.


Pussycat 2

January 14, 2008

This is what I discovered. Paula Prentiss and Ursula Andress are still around and “semi-retired”. Does that mean they work when want to or when they can find something? They are around 70. That sounds retired to me. After several attempts, Capucine managed to kill herself in 1990. Romy Schneider died of cardiac arrest when she was 47. I am assuming that you know Peter Sellers died several years ago. Did you see Dr. Strangelove? I first saw it in a wonderful old theatre in Omaha, Nebraska so that must have been in the Winter of 63-64. There was another movie playing with it, but I don’t remember what it was. Peter O’Toole is still making movies, several of which I thoroughly enjoyed, but it is really hard to find those beautiful blue eyes in all those wrinkles. Woody Allen is still a genius, but his lifestyle makes me sick.

I can’t make up my mind about this sweater. Knitting the sleeve on circular needles has been really slow. And I’m not sure that I like this pattern. There are at least two others that I could make with this yarn. Even if I stay with this one, I know I don’t want to finish this sleeve in the round. I really don’t want to unknit it, steam it, dry it and rewind it, but I guess I will have to. Otherwise, it will never get done.

The glove is coming along nicely. Look at those increases for the thumb. No holes.