All I Wanted was a New Handbag

I looked at a couple of nice stores in town and even hit the outlets in Rehoboth to no avail.  I knew what I wanted and I knew what I didn’t want.  It didn’t seem that difficult.  You know, there must be millions of handbags for sale on eBay.  I found several I liked and wound up getting two.  I had placed five bids.  Now my eyeballs feel like they are about to fall out.  I looked at fabric and embroidery designs, too.  After a while, I stopped looking because I was so tired that I couldn’t make a decision.  There’s no rush. 

No work has gotten done on my socks, but the too long sweater is coming along.  I’ve also been sewing.  I have knitting group tomorrow and I will take my socks.  There has been talk of moving the location.  Originally, the store invited us, and now, we feel like they are trying to push us out.     

Zip helped me get some sewing done.

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