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And Again with the Snow

February 11, 2010

Last night, it sounded like rain, but it was freezing.  This morning, it started to snow.  Now it’s impossible to tell how much snow we had, it’s blowing so hard.  Jenn called around noon.  They had around a foot.  She says only emergency vehicles are allowed out.  He doubts anything will be open tomorrow either.  Cora went out a few times, then gave up.

Flo spent the day watching the birds.  Doug had put out some birdseed at the cellar door under the deck.  She was fascinated.

I was planning to sew today.  I’m making a night-shirt, robe and tunic.  Instead, I found another pair of jeans that need alteration.  I liked this little cat for them.  I thought it was right.

Gloomy All Day

January 13, 2009

I hate days like this.  We walked down the road past the horse farm and followed the path to the river.  It was perfectly still.  The sky was gray.  The river was gray.  And very quiet.  It was eerie.  Even the dog was subdued.  I stood at the water’s edge and looked down the river.  Any second now an enormous whale will fly out of the water.  Yeah.  Right. Like that’s going to happen.  It was an exciting thought.  I walked home thinking I should wash the kitchen floor.  When the Christmas crap is put away, I usually go into cleaning mode.  It hasn’t happened yet.  I seem to be in more of a sewing mode, but I’m not quite there yet.  When I got home, I put away fabric and turned on the iron.  I ironed some of the facings to interfacing and then realized I needed to sew some together before ironing.  I looked at my sewing cabinet.  Neither machine was set up and where in the hell was my little wall lamp?   It must be time to get out the knitting.  I started an entrelac scarf.  What do you think?

p1010592I always use a circular needle for entrelac. The added flexibility really helps.  I may change to bigger needles.  I got bored with it and tried out some sock yarn.   It doesn’t do anything for me either.p1010593  But, it makes for a good sample.





Excuse me.  I’ve got to go let a cat out of the basement.

All I Wanted was a New Handbag

October 18, 2008

I looked at a couple of nice stores in town and even hit the outlets in Rehoboth to no avail.  I knew what I wanted and I knew what I didn’t want.  It didn’t seem that difficult.  You know, there must be millions of handbags for sale on eBay.  I found several I liked and wound up getting two.  I had placed five bids.  Now my eyeballs feel like they are about to fall out.  I looked at fabric and embroidery designs, too.  After a while, I stopped looking because I was so tired that I couldn’t make a decision.  There’s no rush. 

No work has gotten done on my socks, but the too long sweater is coming along.  I’ve also been sewing.  I have knitting group tomorrow and I will take my socks.  There has been talk of moving the location.  Originally, the store invited us, and now, we feel like they are trying to push us out.     

Zip helped me get some sewing done.

I Couldn’t Get the Kinks Out

October 10, 2008

It was one of those days.  No matter hard I tried, I couldn’t get the kinks out.  I finally gave up and sat down and sewed all afternoon.  At least I got something done.  I had picked up a pizza at the market yesterday, so. it was ten minutes in the oven and supper was ready.  I got some knitting done.  It was very humid today.  Did that have something to do with it?

I got my Stitches stuff in the mail.  I have been thinking about leaving here early on Thursday.  I could stop downtown, pick up my badge at the registration desk, and attend the Market.  It’ll be open from 5PM  to 8PM for attendees.  That way, I wouldn’t be tempted to shop at lunch.  I could go outside, maybe down to the harbor, and get some air and exercise.

Here’s the baby.