I Couldn’t Get the Kinks Out

It was one of those days.  No matter hard I tried, I couldn’t get the kinks out.  I finally gave up and sat down and sewed all afternoon.  At least I got something done.  I had picked up a pizza at the market yesterday, so. it was ten minutes in the oven and supper was ready.  I got some knitting done.  It was very humid today.  Did that have something to do with it?

I got my Stitches stuff in the mail.  I have been thinking about leaving here early on Thursday.  I could stop downtown, pick up my badge at the registration desk, and attend the Market.  It’ll be open from 5PM  to 8PM for attendees.  That way, I wouldn’t be tempted to shop at lunch.  I could go outside, maybe down to the harbor, and get some air and exercise.

Here’s the baby.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Did you get a new kitten? How did I miss that???

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