Knitting Group

There weren’t very many there today.  Most of my favorites were there so it was enjoyable.  Again, we were unnecessarily shoved into a tiny space.  We were also told that we couldn’t meet there from mid November until January.  Our second gathering in November will be at Stacy’s, but I understand her space is small.  Someone knows of a place at the mall and is looking into it.  Afterward, I went out to supper with two others and had  very nice time. 

It has been pretty cold for the last few days, and windy, too.  We are finally having real Autumn weather.  We tolerate it during the day and have a fire going all evening.  About half an hour before bedtime, we turn on the electric mattress pad.  We hate to put the heat on before November.  We don’t want to give in to the cold.  

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  1. Christine Says:

    It must be chilly…your animals are all curled up together. They look all cozy and warm. What a cute picture. You get autum and we should be getting winter here soon. Not fair!

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