Got Oil?

Well.  We do.  The truck was supposed to come this morning, but didn’t show up until 1:30PM.  I went dog walking this morning by myself.  Bummer!  I used to walk all the time alone, but since the hip replacement, Doug has been walking with me.  At first, I couldn’t stand it, but then I started to like it.  I don’t feel as much like he is watching over me as I used to. 

So, the furnace cleaning guy doesn’t show up until 5:30PM.  Supper was almost ready.  I didn’t think he was coming.  He said they got a lot of no heat calls.  We haven’t even turned ours on yet.  It’s not that cold.  He was down there for about two hours.  He has to crawl through a hole in the wall to get to the furnace which is partly in sand.  I assume that’s the way those things are done here.  It didn’t seem to faze him.

One of my new handbags came today, but I forgot to take a picture.  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.  The Einstein coat is coming along.  I may have it finished in a few days.  I should say I may have the bottom edge done.  I really think that I need to do something about the collar.  This coat is so boring.  I have got to make it right.  It would be so wasteful not to wear it.

I just hope that I don’t run out of yarn.  If I do, I’m screwed.  Speaking of stupid, I joined another sock club today.  Why do I do these things?

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  1. Christine Says:

    Looks like a perfect cozy sweater for just kicking about in. That looks like the kind of thing I would wear until it had holes in it.

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