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Hair Color

March 13, 2008
Since my crazy ex-girlfriend disowned me, I have not been able to get hair color that I can use, so I have decided to stop for now. It will interesting to see how grey I have become. My husband has been thoroughly white for years(and it’s really thin, too) so I still won’t look like an old lady. I have been able to find just about everything but hair color here that has not been animal tested so I guess I can live with grey hair.

I started on a sweater for me last night. I started on a sleeve. That way I don’t have so much to tear out if I don’t like it. I like it so far. Doug wants me to do one with stars.

Pretty, huh?

I did some quilting today. It is so different from dressmaking. You have to be so precise and I like to just wing it. I need to sew, but I don’t need any more clothes. I never would have thought that I would ever say such a thing. I am hoping that I will get this quilting thing down.

Ready to sew together.

It’s kind of lumpy.

The borders are on. Now I have to cut out and applique the hearts. That’s my favorite part. I like to embellish. I also want to embroider a label. I think I have a cat one somewhere. I may also embroider some more hearts and flowers. And, to think, I actually managed to take all these pictures without any cats.