Mild Today

When I went walking this morning, it was cold and windy. Now, at 8:30PM, it’s 57. Of course, now, it’s too dark to walk.

One mitten is done. I may finish the top differently. I ‘ll decide when I get to the top of the other one. I’ve got most of the ribbing done on the second one. I should have the baby blanket finished in a few days. The top is mostly quilted.

I had lots of cat help. After he finished cleaning himself, he gave Gus a bath.

Gus tried to clean Zip in return.

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3 Responses to “Mild Today”

  1. Christine Says:

    Awww! That is so cute. Gus looks like he is enjoying himself.

  2. Janice Says:

    I’ve been enjoying watching your progress on the mittens.
    I see what you mean about Zippo looking like the “Sea Cat”. I love kitty photos!

  3. frivolousfluffy Says:

    I wish I had a picture of the time he almost fell in the creek.

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