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Day 2 of My New Teeth

July 25, 2008

I was going to post a picture, but I thought that may be a bit too gross.  The uppers are doing good.  The bottoms are so-so.  The bleeding has stopped which is great because it would pool under my tongue and I’m not supposed to spit.  So I lean over the sink and let it drain out.  Wait a minute.  That’s kind of gross, too, ain’t it?  I thought of sitting in front of Doug and letting it ooze out my mouth and watch his reaction, but he is so squeamish that I was afraid he would faint.  It sounded like great fun, but he would be pissed and he might hit his head.  So, I seem to have a sore place where my only three good teeth were located.  The dentist said it probably would be and he was right.  I have some stuff to put on it if I absolutely must, but tonight I get to take them out all night.  Big whoop.  I’ll see how it feels tomorrow.  I am getting used to eating with these things.  It only took me one hour to eat two soggy pieces of French toast and fifteen minutes to eat half a banana.  And you can forget the fresh peaches and blueberries I bought.   I got out some ground sirloin for supper.  Normally, I would make burgers, but not tonight.

I got new stuff today.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric finally came.  It will make some child very happy.  The fabric is good quality.  I need to get it washed one day soon.  I wash all my fabric before sewing to get rid of the smell.  It gives me a headache.

And, my new camera came!  Yeah!  The battery is charging so maybe tomorrow I can play with it.  

Word-filled Wednesday

March 27, 2008
My daughter showed with my grandson and her sick husband while we were out for our walk. I was going to turn back but Doug said, ” They probably won’t be here for another hour”. A few minutes later, Jenn called so we had to head back. It was a perfect day for walking. I didn’t have to wear a sweater or gloves. When we got back, Kevin had already put the spare TV in the bedroom and rearranged the bed. We never really saw John. He was laying in the backseat of Jenn’s vehicle.

I picked out the fabrics for my quilt and I didn’t buy anything new.

Now I have to find scraps of light and dark fabric to go with it.