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It’s Too Hot

August 21, 2009

I’ve been trying to catch up with things that I’ve been putting off for months now that’s it’s gotten too hot to be outside. 

Wednesday, I made myself get down to Salisbury by 9AM to get my permanent teeth.  After a short(YEAH!) wait, I got to sit back for a while with sticky gunk in my mouth.  After a longer wait, I got to try on a wax impression with teeth.  Then, I was told to go away and come back at 2PM.  Well.  I was hungry.  All I had had was warmed up coffee.  I decided a nice breakfast was in order.  Doug was interested, so I went out by myself.  It was actually nice not having to make small talk.  I took a book with me and finished it.  I also stopped at Mernie’s and bought corn and peaches.  Corn on the cob is a great way to test new teeth.  Also, the peaches have been exceptionalthis year.  I wandered back to the dentist office.  I was number 11 on the list, but I was the fifth one called.  My new teeth feel different, but they don’t hurt.  They look better.  They look natural and they don’t push my mouth out like the old ones.  What more can I ask?  And, yes, I ate corn on the cob for supper that same day.

For my knitting friends, I will be adding two new pages soon.  I writing basic glove patterns using worsted and sport weight yarn. 

Dog Bed

Dog Bed

Gus is so kitten-pecked!  Sometimes I think that I would like to have a little dog, but Gus can’t stand them.  He has a fit whenever he sees one.  Maybe he’s afraid they will cut into his kitty time.  There was an adorable little dog with the cats at one of the shelters.  The woman said she loves the cats.  He would have been perfect.  Do you think Gus can read my mind?

Day 2 of My New Teeth

July 25, 2008

I was going to post a picture, but I thought that may be a bit too gross.  The uppers are doing good.  The bottoms are so-so.  The bleeding has stopped which is great because it would pool under my tongue and I’m not supposed to spit.  So I lean over the sink and let it drain out.  Wait a minute.  That’s kind of gross, too, ain’t it?  I thought of sitting in front of Doug and letting it ooze out my mouth and watch his reaction, but he is so squeamish that I was afraid he would faint.  It sounded like great fun, but he would be pissed and he might hit his head.  So, I seem to have a sore place where my only three good teeth were located.  The dentist said it probably would be and he was right.  I have some stuff to put on it if I absolutely must, but tonight I get to take them out all night.  Big whoop.  I’ll see how it feels tomorrow.  I am getting used to eating with these things.  It only took me one hour to eat two soggy pieces of French toast and fifteen minutes to eat half a banana.  And you can forget the fresh peaches and blueberries I bought.   I got out some ground sirloin for supper.  Normally, I would make burgers, but not tonight.

I got new stuff today.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric finally came.  It will make some child very happy.  The fabric is good quality.  I need to get it washed one day soon.  I wash all my fabric before sewing to get rid of the smell.  It gives me a headache.

And, my new camera came!  Yeah!  The battery is charging so maybe tomorrow I can play with it.  

I’m Alive

July 23, 2008

Things went well today.  I had a dozen teeth pulled and a new upper plate put in.  Tomorrow, I go back for lower teeth.  I was very nervous, but everyone was so great that I managed to live through it.  I’ve worn a partial upper for about forty years so this full one isn’t so bad.  And it’s nice to look decent again.  I knew I would be all right when I woke up this morning.  In the past, I always had nightmares the night before going to the dentist.  I have to go back every few weeks for six months, then I should get permanent ones.  These temporary ones look so good, I can’t imagine permanent ones looking any better.  I only have six to get pulled tomorrow.  Piece of cake.