Mystery Quilt

I pulled out a ton of fabric today trying to decide what colors I’m going to use for the mystery quilt. Thankfully, several people have put up photos of their selections. One big problem I have is is a lack of darks. I can definitely do the brights and evens the lights. I refuse to buy anymore fabric. If it looks strange, so be it. I’ll post a picture when I have made up my mind, maybe tomorrow.

We made it to Goodwill today. We really filled up the car. We got rid of most of our work clothing and some lamps and chairs. I left the blankets and towels in the car. I’ll take them to the animal shelter next time I’m in the area.

I am really getting behind on my blog reading for several days now. There seems to be so many other things I want to do. My site needs a little cleaning, too. The baby gift is almost done. I just might put in a picture anyway. I really like it and it’s made out of my favorite yarn.


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One Response to “Mystery Quilt”

  1. Christine Says:

    I love your chickens! LOL That kills me.

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