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Fixing My Jeans

February 6, 2010

It is so nice to be taking in my jeans.  I never thought that  would be doing it.  So far, I’ve fixed three.  I think I have two more to work on.  I’ve put embroidery on them since I had the legs cut open.  It’s been fun.  I feel good to be getting things done.

I also took in a pair of good pants.  They were so big, I practically had to remake them.  It’s made of bark cloth which is a bit fragile.  It has a matching top that I put a lot of work into and nothing else I own goes with it.  When I put them on, they definitely looked a lot better.  I hate the thought og having to take the top in.

I haven’t been able to go for a walk all week.  The snow has been keeping me in.  Now, we are in for a blizzard.  It’s been snowing for a few hours.  I am going to turn into a couch potato.  I miss my walk.  I am too clumsy.    At least I’m getting stuff done.  I’m thinking about new placemats, wall hangings and a new night-shirt and robe.  I was getting out some fleece from a closet when I found some fuzzy fabric that I had completely forgotten about.  It would make a great top.  I can feel my creative juices flowing again.  I’m starting to feel normal again.  This is strange especially since it is the middle of winter and snowing.

Mystery Quilt

March 25, 2008
I pulled out a ton of fabric today trying to decide what colors I’m going to use for the mystery quilt. Thankfully, several people have put up photos of their selections. One big problem I have is is a lack of darks. I can definitely do the brights and evens the lights. I refuse to buy anymore fabric. If it looks strange, so be it. I’ll post a picture when I have made up my mind, maybe tomorrow.

We made it to Goodwill today. We really filled up the car. We got rid of most of our work clothing and some lamps and chairs. I left the blankets and towels in the car. I’ll take them to the animal shelter next time I’m in the area.

I am really getting behind on my blog reading for several days now. There seems to be so many other things I want to do. My site needs a little cleaning, too. The baby gift is almost done. I just might put in a picture anyway. I really like it and it’s made out of my favorite yarn.