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Kevin is Coming

March 24, 2008
My grandson will be here Wednesday for a few days so I thought I had better get the room straightened. I couldn’t get to the bed or the table where we put the spare TV. We decided to go to Goodwill to get rid of some of the stuff. Doug dumped everything on the dining room table so that I could make a list and now it is all out ready to go tomorrow. We need to go to the supermarket anyway. After making the bed, I recalled how he slept at the other end last time. If he doesn’t like it, he can always change when he comes.

I got some embroidery done this afternoon. I bought two sweatshirts at Walmart the other week to embroider. You can’t beat seven dollars even if they were not colors that I would normally buy. Here’s the back.

I have to find something cat related for the front. I found some houses that I like for the other shirt. After I finish them, my machine is going for its annual physical. I am so glad I have another machine to use. I just joined a mystery quilt project. We’ll see how that goes.

New Toilet

February 12, 2008
We have a new toilet in the little bathroom. You can put in whatever your body manages to produce. You pull the handle and WOOOOSH, it is gone! No more, “Maybe if I flush it a few more times,” or “Where’s the liquid soap?” And the lid slowly lowers itself when you give it a little nudge. How cool is that?

The mittens are moving right along.

And I put this on my new sweatshirt. I loved the color. Doesn’t it look like the cat has been in the catnip? Who changed the sizes when I wasn’t looking? I don’t buy clothes much anymore. But I would like to know why I had to buy a size larger when I had lost 30 lbs. At least they didn’t mess with underwear. My new panties are a size smaller. Yes!

I haven’t been out of the house today. It’s too cold and windy. The cats have been driving me crazy with going in and out and in and out and in every five minutes. I could wring their necks.

Too Busy

January 27, 2008
Or too unorganized. I’m not sure which. I had to clean the bathroom. I had to finish my daughter’s sweatshirt. I had to go for a walk. I had to put Christmas decorations away. I had to do some reading. I had to get cleaned up. I had to go out to dinner with the neighbors. I had to play Dominoes. And now, I have to go to bed.


Not Yet!

January 26, 2008
I made a little scarf out of the a little bit of yarn that was left. I wanted to fringe it, but I didn’t have enough. It’s long enough to tie around my neck.

I spent hours trying to decide on what to put on my daughter’s sweatshirt. It’s a nice soft fleece with a V neck in a dark pink. It was suppertime when I finished one of the designs so the other will have to wait until tomorrow. I had promised Doug that I would make hamburgers with mushroom and onion gravy. He really likes it. I’m not a gravy person. I always make mashed potatoes and peas with it. He tried to make rice one time, but I still made mashed potatoes. I’m not saying I don’t like rice. I really do like rice, just not with this dish. Some things you just do not change.

I stayed in all day today. The road looked clear, not not our driveway. When Doug came back, he said the snow was icy. There was several car slides on the little bridge last night and this morning, but no crunches. The telephone poles along there get replaced about once a year.

See the little bridge on the right? There is a sharp curve before and after. This picture was taken earlier in the week.

I have been thinking about making a Whipple to go with the purple and pink hat and gloves. I think I saw one in Knitty, but I can always wing it. And that will be it for accessories for a while. They are starting to make me crazy. Next up. Baby gifts!

No awards yet. But I have been thinking about it. In the meantime, here’s a cat picture.