New Toilet

We have a new toilet in the little bathroom. You can put in whatever your body manages to produce. You pull the handle and WOOOOSH, it is gone! No more, “Maybe if I flush it a few more times,” or “Where’s the liquid soap?” And the lid slowly lowers itself when you give it a little nudge. How cool is that?

The mittens are moving right along.

And I put this on my new sweatshirt. I loved the color. Doesn’t it look like the cat has been in the catnip? Who changed the sizes when I wasn’t looking? I don’t buy clothes much anymore. But I would like to know why I had to buy a size larger when I had lost 30 lbs. At least they didn’t mess with underwear. My new panties are a size smaller. Yes!

I haven’t been out of the house today. It’s too cold and windy. The cats have been driving me crazy with going in and out and in and out and in every five minutes. I could wring their necks.

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  1. Christine Says:

    The cats probably want you to come out with them. Those are going to be very nice mittens. I would love a toilet where the lid doesn’t come crashing down. I don’t know…I think that cat looks embarrassed. Hehehe! Oh, I tagged you over on my site. It is very easy so don’t get any of those new panties in a knot. Hahaha!

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