Too Busy

Or too unorganized. I’m not sure which. I had to clean the bathroom. I had to finish my daughter’s sweatshirt. I had to go for a walk. I had to put Christmas decorations away. I had to do some reading. I had to get cleaned up. I had to go out to dinner with the neighbors. I had to play Dominoes. And now, I have to go to bed.


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3 Responses to “Too Busy”

  1. Christine Says:

    That sounded like a busy yet pleasant day.(other than the clean the bathroom.) Hope you had a good sleep. They have self cleaning bathrooms in San Francisco. They are also fully automatic so you don’t have to touch any thing when you go in there. After you leave they self clean. We have self cleaning ovens…automatic defrost on the fridge. I say self cleaning bathrooms should be the next step in the emancipation of women. Do you know any men who clean bathrooms?? Hmmm? 🙂

  2. frivolousfluffy Says:

    Doug cleans the bathtub. After all, he is the only one that uses it. And he didn’t buy one of those automatic ones either. He’s too cheap. My son is supposed to clean the other house since he is currrently living there. I guess that’s why he always wants 24 hours notice before we show up. When he was in the dorm, he had to, but I don’t think much wore off.

  3. Christine Says:

    I think my husband cleaned the toilet once. That is in 34 years of marriage. I could probably count the time he cleaned the tub on one hand. He did that because my back hurt. Now don’t get me wrong…he does do a fair amount of housework but I think he is afraid of the bathroom.

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