Beautiful Days, Cool Nights

It is hard to stay inside when the weather is perfect .  And, of course, I had to several reasons to be out and about yesterday in the rain.  Today, its windy and cooler, so I’m waiting for the sun to shine out back.  I’ve gotten a lot of knitting finished, including my daughter’s vest.  I also found some orange art deco buttons in my button box. 

Here are the chicken mittens.  In an effort to make these fit me, I used size 1 rather than 2.  And it worked.

Here’s the yarn I used for my Color Affection scarf.  I finished it in short order.  It was extremely easy and got very boring, but the finished effect is beautiful.  Sorry, no finished picture yet.  It went too fast.  And, now, my camera battery seems to be dead.

So.  What’s next?  I need to decide within the next ninety minutes.  Sweetums has a blood test and we have to listen to the hoodoos recite the same old crap.  I need to start my Christmas knitting.  I also need to start my Christmas sewing, but we won’t talk about that yet.  I bought some absolutely fabulous yarn to make my daughter a lacy sweater.  My grandson is getting Coraline gloves with conductive thread in the forefinger tips so he can use his iPhone.  I’ll also make him another cap. 

New doorstop.

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