You Can’t Get There From Here

No.  Really.  You can’t.  I’ve been trying for days.  The internet did it.  It heard me say that I would like to drive to Bismarck.  So it decided that I would HAVE to drive there.  Two years ago, I left from BWI, changed planes once, and arrived in Bismarck at a reasonable amount of time.  And there were several flights to choose from.  Now?  Nothing.  Every one had at least two changes and cost almost twice as much.  Sweetums suggested going to Minneapolis and renting a car for the rest of the way.  He knows I like to drive.  Last time, several flights stopped there.  Not anymore.  I’d have to drive to DC or Phily.  Man!  This bites.  See what I mean?  The internet is out to get me.



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