Janet’s Coquille Shawl

Now, this is my kind of shawl!  Nobody’s getting this one.  I did no blocking on this one.  I really like the lumpiness of it.  There were twelve rows in the middle that I skipped because I was at the end of the red and starting to go into the purple.  I had enough yarn, but the look was so perfect.  I didn’t want to spoil it.  The leftover green will go into my sock yarn ends compartment. One of these days(years) I’ll make a jacket ‘a la’ Koigu oriental.

I’ve been working on my daughter’s vest again.  Yeah.  I wove in the rest of the ends and sewn all the seams.  I couldn’t  decide which color to rib the armholes.  I laid the contenders out on the bed, closed my eyes and picked one.  Very logical.  Burnt orange won.  I still don’t care for the collar and front band.  I’m thinking about taking it off and putting something entirely different on it.  Argh.

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