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March 4, 2018

I like old fabric, especially bark cloth.  I look for beautiful patterns, good color, condition and price.  I like the depth and texture of bark cloth.  It adds another interest to the fabric.  I don’t mind paying $20 of $30 a yard, but not $100 or even $200.  I have five yards of the black and only one of the white.  Slip covers with a contrasting pillow comes to mind.  Curtains are a possibility, but I would have to line them to prevent fading.  You know, a jacket and skirt would be nice.

Babar now has pants.  I started his coat.  I hope I have enough green for his vest.  The yarn is Brown Sheep so getting another skein won’t be a problem.

New Project

February 6, 2018

  This cowl pattern is in a book my daughter gave me for Christmas.  She also gave me the variegated yarn.  It was a freebie, but she had no use for it.  The blue is Brown Sheep, one of my favorite yarns.  After knitting on size one needles for the past few weeks, I needed to work on something with big needles.  This pattern calls for DK and size six needles.  I had worsted so I used size eight.  I considered size nine needles,  but they weren’t handy at the time.  I had a shawl over my feet and a kitty in my lap keeping me warm.  I really did not want to get up.

  And here is the book she gave me.  I’m also considering the medallion pull-over. There is also a hat, another cowl, sweater, vest and baby jacket that I like.

I Wanted to See ‘Frankenweenie’

October 16, 2012

So I called my grandson.  Yah.  He wanted to.  Then I called my son.  Yah.  Him, too.  Thursday, I left LSD and headed for Reisterstown.  I picked up my grandson at UMBC, then we met my son at the theatre. 

We all enjoyed the movie, but I think I got the most out of it.  Tim Burton is a genius.  The scenery reminded me of  ‘Edward Scissorhands’ in that it was set around 1960.  The characters were so—-characteristic?  Sorry.  I’m not very good at this.  My favorite was the science teacher.  His face was so long that you couldn’t look at his eyes and his mouth at the same time.  And his mouth was so expressive!  Would I see this movie again?  Yes!  Definitely!

Friday, I went shopping.  My daughter told me Weber’s had cider and apples and I wanted to go to JoAnns.  I found a Hallowe’en doormat and a knitting magazine, but no fabric.  Weber’s yielded a bushel of Winesap apples and two gallons of apple cider.  Then I visited my brother and sister-in-law.  Some of my high school friends may remember her as the new French teacher.  We spent a pleasant afternoon discussing aches and pains, kids and cats.  I gave them some apples and they gave me two trees and a Christmas cactus.

Saturday, I packed up and headed home.  As usual, I brought more than I needed.  But, really, does it really matter?  I drive a minivan.  I forgot that the Frederick Road exit was closed, but I am familiar with the area and got to Cloverhill yarn in just a few extra minutes.  The shop has changed hands again, but it’s still a good place to get basic yarns.  I managed to find two of the three skeins of Brown Sheep bulky that I wanted, so I was happy. 

Today is Sweetums’ birthday so I think I’ll take him to Smith’s for dinner.  What else do you do with a guy who pretty much buys whatever he wants and doesn’t want much?  But, I love him.  That’s why he’s Sweetums.

Flo was unimpressed.