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The View

September 16, 2018

Will I ever tire of it?

I Cleaned My Worktable!

May 21, 2011

It was so easy.  It didn’t take any time at all.  I just spilled coffee on everything.  And the best part is….. I found the password that I have been searching for everywhere. 

And what else?

I’ve been enjoying Spring.

And so have the kids.

Great Blue Heron

September 9, 2008


Both Mary and Michael showed up while I was outside knitting.  Michael came by in the morning and Mary came late in the afternoon.  I was sewing around noon so I don’t know if they saw each other.  Herons are pretty solitary so I don’t think they did.   

No Electrician

December 28, 2007
I got up early this morning so that I would at least be dressed when the electrician came. Of course, he called shortly after that. Someone called with an emergency and could we wait until Monday? Now I am wondering — will he come on New Years Eve? There was some early morning fog hanging over the creek. A Great Blue Heron flew in, a Bald Eagle flew over and a few ducks and geese were in the water. I love living here.

I haven’t done much of anything today. Doug gave me a cold and it has taken up residence in my chest. I talked to my friend, Linda. They have been sick, too, so we won’t be stepping out tonight. We are going to try for tomorrow. I hope I am not too tired. I have to take my SE up to Dover for the new upgrade and I am getting new software. I am also going to look at the Sapphire 830. They are $300 off. It would be nice to sew and embroider at the same time. Quilting would be easier, too.

My entrelac hat is coming along. I will try to post pictures next time.