Sunday at the Movies

I arrived in town around 2PM.  It was an enjoyable ride.  I had the Stash and Burn girls to keep me company.  There were three sessions that I hadn’t listened to on my iPod.   I had been saving them.  After getting my stuff inside and taking a nice leisurely bath, I drove over to my daughter’s house to pick up my grandson.  We drove to the theatre and I found a parking space right up front.  We went inside and bought tickets for the 7PM show.  Then we walked to a little pizza place nearby for some supper.   Around 6:30 we were wandering around the bookstore and, then, headed back to the movies around 6:45.  Am I boring you?  That’s all right because I’m about to fall asleep anyway.  OK.  We saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I love 3D or real D or whatever they like to call it these days.  When I was a kid I saw a 3D movie that scared the beejeezes out of me. I don’t remember what it was called and I have never seen it again or even any hint of it anywhere.  Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  I loved lewis Carroll and the first Alice and this one.  What’s not to love?  There’s my favorite, Cheshire Cat.  And what did they to do Johnny Depp’s eyes?  You’ve got to hand it to him.  He’s not “above” doing any role.  I told my grandson about how his mother had a crush on him when she was in high school.  Did I ever mention that the high school used in one of his movies is just two blocks from here?  How cool is that?

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