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I’ve Been Kind of Busy

March 16, 2011

And I’ve been having these little anxiety attacks.  Spending money on home improvement and doing the taxes hasn’t helped any.  Last week I spent the afternoon entering figures and hollering  at Sweetums to bring me stuff.  See.  That’s how we do it.  He spends weeks hollering at me to do the taxes.  I spends weeks coming up with all kinds of excuses.  Then, when one day, I pop in the CD and get to work.  I crunch the numbers and Sweetums runs around getting the information I need.  Now.  It seems to me that I said ‘holler’ too much.   We don’t fight or even argue much.  It’s all part of a big game we play.  We really do get along quite well considering how independent we are.  OK.  Wait a minute.  How did I get here?  Anyway, after spending a few hours on the taxes, I had to stop.  The numbers were not coming up like I thought they should.  I shut it all down and walked away for a few days.  Saturday, it came to me.  I had forgotten to check something.  How the h**l did I manage to do that?  By just walking away for a few days, I saved us about a thousand dollars.  I was so happy.  And so was Sweetums.

I remembered to take my little camera when we went for our walk on Saturday.  After all the rain on Friday, the tide was really high.  This was the only pier under water at that time, but you could where the water had at least splashed over the others enough to leave debris, including a duck decoy.

Intellectually Depleted

March 12, 2010

Intellectually!  I did the taxes.  You understand.   I couldn’t cook.  So Doug took me to Pizza Hut–a large stuffed crust with beef, pepperoni, bacon and anchovies.  Disgusting! But it was what I needed.  I think I’ll make a pineapple upside-down cake tomorrow.

My flag quilt is coming along.

I also finished the neckband on the sweater this morning.   I sewed the skeet for the front band.  I made a swatch for the band and, of course, the size that looked the best is not one that I have in a long enough length.

Finally Home

February 1, 2010

My plan was to leave on Saturday, but by noon it was snowing hard.  My husband called to tell me there was about six inches of snow so I stayed.  I was getting a little bored so I did my son’s taxes for him.  I’m such a good Mother.  I did everything on-line including direct deposit and it was all free.  I had an ulterior motive since he owes me for car repairs.

I’m Really Tired

March 12, 2008
I am not used to having to do all this thinking. I am so glad all the forms are signed, sealed and ready to be delivered. When we told the Powers That Be to take out Delaware taxes, we assumed they would stop taking out Maryland taxes. Oh, ye of little faith. So I had to apply for a refund by filling out more forms. You can’t just drop them a line and say, “Hey! I haven’t lived there for nearly two years. Give me my d**n money back.” At least I don’t have to do it by hand anymore. You wouldn’t be able to come within two feet of me. I bite. Ask my husband.

Time to go.


March 11, 2008
The federal taxes are done. The medical expenses took a while. They were all in one place, but there were so many this year. I had hip replacement surgery and my poor sweetie had two colonoscopies. For some reason, the state forms would not download properly. After backing in and out a couple of times, everything loaded like it should. I had a little trouble with one aspect, mainly because we had something different this year. It doesn’t matter that much because we came from a state that had much higher taxes so we had a lot more taken out than we needed .

Doug is all ready drawing lines on the kitchen counter top in anticipation. This kitchen is very tiny and has a useless peninsula that keeps me from being able to stand next to the oven with the door open. The pink counter-tops and the pink floor tiles are definitely going. We saw a nice blue and grey at Loews that we really liked.

Waiting for Spring.


March 10, 2008
I started the working on the taxes this afternoon. Doug started putting stuff in and got frustrated. This happens every year. So he ran around getting all the information together(even though we have a place where everything is supposed to be) and I input all the rest of the crap. I’ll finish tomorrow. The worse is over.

When we came in from our walk this morning, I decided it was time to change this:

to this:

. I wish I had one for St. Patrick’s Day, but I do have a green Easter egg.

I started my St. Valentine’s Day table runner. I like the colors, but I had an awful time cutting the 6 1/2 inch squares. They kept changing to 5 1/2 and 6 inch squares. It was making me crazy. That would be a good list. “Things That Make Me Crazy”.