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February Lady Sweater is Finished

June 25, 2010

I took several shots of the sweater, but I didn’t like any of them.  I probably should have used my good camera.  No.  I should have gotten Doug to model it for me.  He is good at that.  Too bad, he’s a lousy cameraman.

We went to Dover yesterday.  It was time for my biannual hip appointment.  Everything is still where it is supposed to be and there is no deterioration.  Maybe I’ll have this one for the rest of my life.  I’ll tell you one thing.  I’d fo it again.  It really works.

Afterwards, we went to Joann’s.  I found some flannel backed vinyl for deck chair covers that I liked.  I bought another ruler for quilting.  You can never have enough of those.  And I got a plastic case for my big RA embroidery spools.  I made sure it was big enough by going over to the Viking center and trying it out with a spool from their display.  Sadly, I didn’t get any from Viking.  This one has so much less than what I am used to. 

Our next stop was Target.  What a weird parking arrangement that one has.  But, they had the wire storage blocks that we wanted.  We bought two sets and Doug put them together when we got home.   Then he carried the stuff from the other bins and put them in the new ones.  Once the old one was emptied, he rearranged it to fit on the new one.   I went through a lot of my yarn and I have four bags so far that I don’t want.  I also found a purple wrap I designed and made that I have never worn so that goes too.

I Am So Tired!

May 2, 2010

Friday, it was lunch with the girls.  We had a great time.  It was only four of us this time which is a good number in a busy restaurant.  Carol STILL hasn’t gotten a hip replacement!  We all bug her about it.  Rehab is a pain in the butt, but it’s all worth it in the end.  I want to send an enormous congrats to Suzette and her husband.  They have been non-smokers for a whole year!

Why am I so tired?  Maryland Sheep  and Wool.  During the week we had 60’s and 70’s, which is normal.  As a matter of fact, it was too chilly to sit out on the deck for any length of time.  I think it got up 90 yesterday.  Today, as long as it was overcast, it was tolerable.  But when the sun came out in full, it was unbelievable. 

Yesterday, I had a rest in the back of my van.  I had chats with several people and I always run into someone I haven’t seen in a while.  One nice lady even took my picture.

Are my toenails too orange?  It’s my second favorite color.  I toyed with walking around in the afternoon like this, but, then, I started thinking about dust and stones so I put on my white cotton Buster Brown socks.  And, yes.  You can still buy them. 

It’s a good thing I came early.  More on Sheep and Wool tomorrow(or the next day).  I haven’t decided if I’m going home tonight or tomorrow morning.  I’m really tired and I really love the big old bathtub here.

Guess the Plants

July 21, 2008

These are coming along nicely.  They are some flowers that Ihad last year, but I can’t remember the name.  I didn’t get much planting done than because of my hip.  I couldn’t even sit on my stool long enough to put in more than a few flowers.  It was very discouraging.  I think these wereleft in the garage.  The flowers look like tiny roses in several colors.  They like the sun.  I have been thinking about what I want to put in my front bed.  Maybe these will do for the time being.  Eventually, I’ll put in some perennials there.

Trip to Dover

June 27, 2008

We were late getting to the doctor this morning.  We left at a good time, but there was road scraping going on.  It was down to one lane and even stopped at a couple places.  Why they would do this in the middle of summer is beyond me.  It’s a beach route.  Most locals know to get there running around done on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, maybe Monday and Friday.  You take your life in your hands on the weekends.

I took the x-rays I had done last week and the ones from six months ago.  The doctor said, “You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t think of that.”  It seemed perfectly logical to me to take both sets.  He appreciated having both to compare.  Everything is as it should be and he wants to see me every two years with x-rays.

Next, we headed over to Joann’s and Viking.  I got to see the new Diamond.  It is really something!  But, I know that I would never use those big hoops.  I did like the couching kizmo and the designs for it.  That I might buy, but not right now.  I did buy a package of the new colored bobbins since I use 4 or 5 different threads.  Joann’s had Keepsake Calico and Patriotic fabric on sale.  I needed white on white, but this is what I bought.  Even the white on white has stars on it.  There are a few places where I can send quilts for disabled veterans. fabric

Even though it was 90 degrees today, I put on my new socks with my favorite sandals.socks


June 19, 2008

I am trying to make up my mind about Stitches in November.  One thing aggravates me.  No. Two things aggravate me.  Lucy Neatby is shown with the teachers, but she is not listed as teaching.  I had to print out part of the brochure in order to see who was teaching what on Saturday and Sunday.  They could have made it more “user friendly”.  I found my self constantly jumping back and forth.  I gave myself a headache.

A wild turkey came walking down my side yard.  It stood there and looked out at the water.  I wish I had my camera out with me, but he wasn’t there long.  Gus saw him and started barking.  That scared the bejeezes out of him and he flew off the terrace and fast walked across the yards until he went into the bushes at the end house.  Maude was smelling where he stood so I guess Gus scared the crap out of him. 

I bought some perenials yesterday.  They are going out front in the courtyard.  I needed to weed out there, so now I have a reason.  I got most of it done, so I can plant tomorrow.  I also need to work around some of the flowers outside of the fence.  I’m going to have to wander around Jeff’s one of these days.  I want something exciting to put in one corner.  It’s gets sun most of the day and watered baby

For some reason, these guys didn’t appreciate the sprinklers.  Usually, when anything bothers the geese, they herd the kids into the creek.  This pair always walks junior into the bushes.  It’s a good thing they live here year round.  Otherwise, this little guy doesn’t have much of a chance.

I also got my hip x-rayed today.  Next week, I’m going up to Dover for my annual poke.


March 11, 2008
The federal taxes are done. The medical expenses took a while. They were all in one place, but there were so many this year. I had hip replacement surgery and my poor sweetie had two colonoscopies. For some reason, the state forms would not download properly. After backing in and out a couple of times, everything loaded like it should. I had a little trouble with one aspect, mainly because we had something different this year. It doesn’t matter that much because we came from a state that had much higher taxes so we had a lot more taken out than we needed .

Doug is all ready drawing lines on the kitchen counter top in anticipation. This kitchen is very tiny and has a useless peninsula that keeps me from being able to stand next to the oven with the door open. The pink counter-tops and the pink floor tiles are definitely going. We saw a nice blue and grey at Loews that we really liked.

Waiting for Spring.

Another One

March 4, 2008
Doug got out the lawn chairs (two of them anyway) and we sat out on the deck this afternoon. We were joined by Elvis, Gus and Maude. Zip was busy. I was tired after our walk so I happily knit. It was so windy this morning that we decided to go through the woods to get away from it which was stupid. I’m not too good at clomping through underbrush yet. I was pooped when we got home. When we went to Walmart later in the afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice how much easier it is to walk around than it was last year. There are times when I REALLY don’t want to go for a walk, but I know it’s good for my hip and me all over.I had no idea that there were cities that do not allow clotheslines. It makes no sense. I know there are housing associations that don’t allow it. When our son was little, we were thinking about moving to a younger neighborhood. We found a house that we really liked. We were about a hand over a check to hold it when we found out that we could not put up a clothes or a fence. That took care of that. I had a fit with the realtor. She tried to talk around it, but that check never left our hands and we never moved either.I was happily knitting along last night, when I saw a missed stitch several rows down. I pulled out stitches to fix it. When I got down there, I realized I had pulled out the wrong one so I had to pull out two sets of stitches.

Looks awful, doesn’t it?

Here I took a needle and picked up every other row to help keep track of which row I was on.

Here I am crocheting the stitches up the rows.

You can’t even tell.

There’s No Place Like Home

February 10, 2008
We had a great walk this morning. I even wandered through the woods and hardly used my cane at all. I love my new hip. We were out for one and a half hours. After a little rest, we went to Walmart. I REALLY HATE to do Walmart on Saturday, but there were things that we needed. I was not about to waste time, gas and money going to three different places to get the same thing. I’m too cheap and I need money to spend on my vices like this:

Now, I won’t get to this for several weeks, but I bought it anyway. It would probably not be around when I was ready to make it. I have to make the baby quilt first. Well, I have to make as much as possible before the baby is born. I want to embroider it’s name and date of birth. It’s mainly blue. I think I was thinking of Colette’s grandson, but that’s OK. It’s really cute. I’m sure it will be well received. And just wait until you see what I am making for Colette!

I wish that I had taken my glove things with me to Reisterstown. You know that I didn’t plan to be there that long, but my son needed me around. I haven’t decided on patterns yet. I need to make some swatches. I should email Nancy before I decide, too.  I’ve been thinking about Christine and her husband, too.

You Make My Day

January 24, 2008
Look what Christine sent me! It was totally unexpected. Thanks so much. See what she wrote about me! 
“Fluffy- Knitter extraordinaries! She says that she is up the creek without a paddle but I say she has both paddles in the water plus we both like Pavarotti. I would love to spend an afternoon with you. We could knit and listen to music and talk about books and old movies. Plus I love her cats…they crack me up!”
I have been such a cranky person today. It really lifted my spirits. Both hips have been bothering me today. I know exactly where all the new parts are in my right hip today. They seem——-cold? It’s hard to explain. My left hip has been having sympathy pains. So, I’m a bit grumpy. Even though I wanted to smack her, I managed to smile at the clerk at Walmart today. She has no idea how lucky she is. Then we went to the bread store and there were no bagels. I had just bought cream cheese people! So I bought English muffins. It’s just not the same. And they didn’t have Oatnut bread AGAIN! I wanted to go home and stick my head in the toilet. So. How was your day?

Zippo suggested a little sewing. He was right of course. Now, I just have put on the binding.

Maude enjoyed hiding in the cover.

Sorry about this one. I was on the phone.

I will send out my awards tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be in a better mood.

Nancy’s Soap

January 19, 2008
Nancy sent me some of her homemade soap a while back and I must say that it is very nice soap. It smells nice and doesn’t dry my skin. I have tried the body washes. I even had to use one after my hip replacement. I couldn’t bend more than 90 degrees and when I dropped the soap, I couldn’t bend over and pick it up. I just wanted to say thanks while I was thinking about it.

I went up to Dover to sewing club. We made place mats. It was fun. Here’s mine. I rather like it. I should probably make some more.

This came in the mail today. I am going to make a quilt for a relative of my husband. I had no idea what to make. They live in Dallas, Texas. I saw this in one of my magazines and knew this was it. Sometimes, you have to sit back and wait for things to come to you. Then, one day, they just pop right into your lap. I swear this works. Sometimes it takes longer than others and you have to work like your crazed to finish on time, but it works.