Trip to Dover

We were late getting to the doctor this morning.  We left at a good time, but there was road scraping going on.  It was down to one lane and even stopped at a couple places.  Why they would do this in the middle of summer is beyond me.  It’s a beach route.  Most locals know to get there running around done on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, maybe Monday and Friday.  You take your life in your hands on the weekends.

I took the x-rays I had done last week and the ones from six months ago.  The doctor said, “You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t think of that.”  It seemed perfectly logical to me to take both sets.  He appreciated having both to compare.  Everything is as it should be and he wants to see me every two years with x-rays.

Next, we headed over to Joann’s and Viking.  I got to see the new Diamond.  It is really something!  But, I know that I would never use those big hoops.  I did like the couching kizmo and the designs for it.  That I might buy, but not right now.  I did buy a package of the new colored bobbins since I use 4 or 5 different threads.  Joann’s had Keepsake Calico and Patriotic fabric on sale.  I needed white on white, but this is what I bought.  Even the white on white has stars on it.  There are a few places where I can send quilts for disabled veterans. fabric

Even though it was 90 degrees today, I put on my new socks with my favorite sandals.socks

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  1. Christine Says:

    The veterans will love those quilts! With that fabric they will look sharp. Great socks. I am getting nothing finished. I am getting nothing started. I really really need to quit playing at retirement and really retire! Hmph! Then I too could have some nice socks and get some woodcarving done…like the project I am going to do for you. I think that I should just do a pattern that I know I can pull off and quit fooling around trying to make a new design. I worked on it a couple of weeks ago and just could not seem to get anything that pleased me.

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