I am trying to make up my mind about Stitches in November.  One thing aggravates me.  No. Two things aggravate me.  Lucy Neatby is shown with the teachers, but she is not listed as teaching.  I had to print out part of the brochure in order to see who was teaching what on Saturday and Sunday.  They could have made it more “user friendly”.  I found my self constantly jumping back and forth.  I gave myself a headache.

A wild turkey came walking down my side yard.  It stood there and looked out at the water.  I wish I had my camera out with me, but he wasn’t there long.  Gus saw him and started barking.  That scared the bejeezes out of him and he flew off the terrace and fast walked across the yards until he went into the bushes at the end house.  Maude was smelling where he stood so I guess Gus scared the crap out of him. 

I bought some perenials yesterday.  They are going out front in the courtyard.  I needed to weed out there, so now I have a reason.  I got most of it done, so I can plant tomorrow.  I also need to work around some of the flowers outside of the fence.  I’m going to have to wander around Jeff’s one of these days.  I want something exciting to put in one corner.  It’s gets sun most of the day and watered baby

For some reason, these guys didn’t appreciate the sprinklers.  Usually, when anything bothers the geese, they herd the kids into the creek.  This pair always walks junior into the bushes.  It’s a good thing they live here year round.  Otherwise, this little guy doesn’t have much of a chance.

I also got my hip x-rayed today.  Next week, I’m going up to Dover for my annual poke.

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  1. Christine Says:

    My dog chases the little birds out of the yard. The robins dive bomb him.

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