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Finally! Dress is Finished

September 17, 2015

window babs dress 005I feel that I spent entirely too much time on this dress.  It sat for a few days because I couldn’t comfortably sit at my sewing table.  Also, I had to tweak it. I’m too big in some places and too small in others.  At least now I know what to do next time.  And the best part.  There are no buttons or buttonholes, no zipper, no hand sewing.  So it’s on to my raincoat.  Well.  No.  I have to make my little wall hanging for October.  Then it’s on to my raincoat.

I went to get my stitches out this morning, but doctor said no.  Now I have to wait until Monday.  He also wanted blood work and chest x-rays.  While out, I stopped at the Amish market and loaded up.  Sweetums’ eyes glazed over when he saw the bags.  He is such a Sweetums.

Sunday at Stitches

November 10, 2008

I managed to drag myself out of bed at 6AM for the third day in a row.  How did I ever manage to get up at 430 every morning and go to work?  I think money had something to do with it.

I don’t know why this computer does what it does.  I just have to live with it.

I had a great time and excellent teachers.  I’m sad that it is over, but I’m glad too.  I’m tired and I plan to sleep my fill tomorrow.

I’ll give you more details when I get home.

Today is Friday

November 8, 2008

No. Really.  It is.  By the time I got home from Stitches, my son had gone off with his friends.  He forgot to turn

off the password and he didn’t get back until after I was asleep.  I hate this computer.  I had a fun class with

Vivian Hoxbro today on Shadow Knitting.  She said she is not going to teach it anymore and won’t be back to

the United States for a year.  She wants to spend more time at home with her grandchildren.  I can under stand

that.  She’s my age.  That’s about all I want to do on this @#$%$# computer.  More later.

Still Rainning

November 6, 2008

And, now, we are getting a lot of wind.  We were able to get out for a short walk this morning.  I spent most of the day getting ready for Stitches.  And Doug washed my purple jeans for me.  I have some clothes there, but I wanted to take some of my nice sweaters and socks if it’s cold enough.  I also made sure I had everything I needed for class and , of course, personal knitting.  I’ll be taking the subway everyday so maybe I will get the other sock finished.  I hope to leave fairly early tomorrow.  I think I will drive to Reisterstown and unload the van first, then drive to the subway station and ride downtown.  I’ll pick up my badge and go to the market before returning.  I don’t think leaving my van in a downtown parking lot with all that stuff including a $300 camera and $1000 sewing machine was a good idea.  I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my sweaters either.


This is as far as I have gotten so far.  I worked on my Einstein this evening.  I believe I’ve finished the embellishing.  It looks pretty good.  I took off the collar and started another.  If I like this one, I may put on cuffs.


June 19, 2008

I am trying to make up my mind about Stitches in November.  One thing aggravates me.  No. Two things aggravate me.  Lucy Neatby is shown with the teachers, but she is not listed as teaching.  I had to print out part of the brochure in order to see who was teaching what on Saturday and Sunday.  They could have made it more “user friendly”.  I found my self constantly jumping back and forth.  I gave myself a headache.

A wild turkey came walking down my side yard.  It stood there and looked out at the water.  I wish I had my camera out with me, but he wasn’t there long.  Gus saw him and started barking.  That scared the bejeezes out of him and he flew off the terrace and fast walked across the yards until he went into the bushes at the end house.  Maude was smelling where he stood so I guess Gus scared the crap out of him. 

I bought some perenials yesterday.  They are going out front in the courtyard.  I needed to weed out there, so now I have a reason.  I got most of it done, so I can plant tomorrow.  I also need to work around some of the flowers outside of the fence.  I’m going to have to wander around Jeff’s one of these days.  I want something exciting to put in one corner.  It’s gets sun most of the day and watered baby

For some reason, these guys didn’t appreciate the sprinklers.  Usually, when anything bothers the geese, they herd the kids into the creek.  This pair always walks junior into the bushes.  It’s a good thing they live here year round.  Otherwise, this little guy doesn’t have much of a chance.

I also got my hip x-rayed today.  Next week, I’m going up to Dover for my annual poke.

Stitches East

November 1, 2007

I drove back to my old house for a few days to visit friends and relatives and go to the market at Stitches.  My son is staying there to finish college.  I took the subway downtown on Saturday morning and met some friends at noon.  I had a great time wandering around and looking at everything.   I looked at an awful lot of books, but none of them said “Buy Me”.  I have so many anyway.  Next on my list were needles.  I love to make gloves and I can go through zeroes and ones.  I either lose them, they get eaten by the dog or cat, or I break them.  I also wanted double and triple zeroes to make Scottish Sanguhar gloves.  I found all the needles I needed so I started looking at yarn.  My first purchase had to be something soft that matched the gloves I made another friend.  Out of that whole market, I only found one small skein in like colors.  The colors were turquoise, pink and purple.  I expected to see more.  I just what to say thank you to Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm.   I’ll post a picture when I finish the scarf.   here are the gloves. 6-06-flood-knit-102807-019.jpg  It is Lorna’s Laces that I have had for a few years so I guess the colorway is no longer “in”.  But, it’s my girlfriend’s favorite colors and that’s what really matters.  I only bought two other skeins of yarn: 100% silk sock yarn from HPKYsales and 100% merino wool from Seacoast Handpainted Yarns.  The latter was a happy colorway that I could not resist.  As a matter of fact, it was called “Joyful”.  

I saw so many beautiful things.  I got some great ideas.  I actually took notes.  I saw several kits that I wanted to buy, but I already have a roomful.  It’s my own little store.  I have two things in mind that I definitely will be making and I know that I can find just what I want in my little yarn room.