Stitches East

I drove back to my old house for a few days to visit friends and relatives and go to the market at Stitches.  My son is staying there to finish college.  I took the subway downtown on Saturday morning and met some friends at noon.  I had a great time wandering around and looking at everything.   I looked at an awful lot of books, but none of them said “Buy Me”.  I have so many anyway.  Next on my list were needles.  I love to make gloves and I can go through zeroes and ones.  I either lose them, they get eaten by the dog or cat, or I break them.  I also wanted double and triple zeroes to make Scottish Sanguhar gloves.  I found all the needles I needed so I started looking at yarn.  My first purchase had to be something soft that matched the gloves I made another friend.  Out of that whole market, I only found one small skein in like colors.  The colors were turquoise, pink and purple.  I expected to see more.  I just what to say thank you to Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm.   I’ll post a picture when I finish the scarf.   here are the gloves. 6-06-flood-knit-102807-019.jpg  It is Lorna’s Laces that I have had for a few years so I guess the colorway is no longer “in”.  But, it’s my girlfriend’s favorite colors and that’s what really matters.  I only bought two other skeins of yarn: 100% silk sock yarn from HPKYsales and 100% merino wool from Seacoast Handpainted Yarns.  The latter was a happy colorway that I could not resist.  As a matter of fact, it was called “Joyful”.  

I saw so many beautiful things.  I got some great ideas.  I actually took notes.  I saw several kits that I wanted to buy, but I already have a roomful.  It’s my own little store.  I have two things in mind that I definitely will be making and I know that I can find just what I want in my little yarn room.   

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