Weaving in the Ends

It’s what I’ve been doing for the last few says.  This sweater has about 500 million ends that I would like to just knot off and cut, but I won’t.   I like my work to look tidy.  That means weaving in the ends. 

I’ve sewed the skeet, but haven’t cut yet.  I’ll do that last.  I’ve really gotten a lot done the last few days, sitting out on the deck enjoying the wonderful weather.  The girls have been going bonkers.  We have been leaving the doors open for them.  They only come in to eat and sleep.

And, here are my Clown Socks!  Are they me or what?  I’m going to wear them to the circus.  I need to finish them by my birthday which is also circus day.

Orne more picture.  This is for Maria.

She is going to make this scarf.  The pattern was free, but didn’t come with a picture.  I hope this helps.  I wanted to copy this to my desktop, but it was being silly.  I figure I can print after I publish this.  Which reminds me, here’s another picture that I need to print.

Doug wants one of these.  We saw it on our walk.

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  1. Linda Hillin Says:

    I really like your clown socks. The sweater looks very attractive. I’m anxious to see it when you’ve finished working on it.

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