Going Out Tonight

So I thought that I would blog now.  I have a bunch of other boring crap that must be done, too.  We washed and hung everything out since it was so windy.  It all smells so good.  Darn.  I just remembered I didn’t wash any nighties.  Well, at least the sheets will be nice.

I have been trying to get my supplies for Stitches.  I bought yarn for the purse and some reading material.

Zippo helped with product placement.

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  1. Janice Says:

    I signed up for Stitches West, which is in February. I’m taking an all day Sami mitten class. The supplies suggest size 0, 00, and 000 needles. Yikes. I am loose knitter so I bet I’ll end up on the 000’s. I’ve got to start amassing supplies, too.
    These mittens only have color on the back, so I guess special tricks are needed.

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