Provisional Cast On

A provisional cast-on is used when you want to back and pick up and knit from the beginning of your work. In this case, when I finish my wimple, I am going to pick my first row and knit a picot edge. It can also be used to attach cuffs on side to side sweaters or decorative cuffs on gloves or socks. It is used in attaching lace.

You need a smooth waste yarn that can be easily removed, thinner than the yarn your using.See the turquoise yarn? It’s the sock yarn that I used to make gloves a while back. I should have taken pictures when I started. I knot my waste and working yarn together using whatever will be easy to unknot. It shouldn’t be tight. Hold your needle and knot end of your yarns in your right hand like you were going to knit. Hold loosely. Some people hold two needles together. I can’t do this. I hold the knot down with my pinkie and ring finger against my palm. You do know that I am picturing this in my mind, don’t you? Now, with the thumb and index finger of your left hand, you need to separate the two yarns. I keep my working yarn on my index finger, but what ever works for you. With you needle, go under the waste yarn and pick up a loop from the working yarn. Next, go over the waste yarn and pickup. Keep going back and forth like this until you have the number of stitches that you need. I put another loose knot at the end and cut the waste yarn. Clear as mud? Good. Here’s what I have done so far.

I’m going to go along like this until I like the length.

I’m going to see the snot vampire tomorrow morning. I think I have an infection that only he can take care of.

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  1. Christine Says:

    O.K. So that is how you get a decorative edge on th cuff. Ohhhh! Now that is clear and I kind of understand the concept here but exactly how to execute it…hmmm…I am burning rubber in my brain right now trying to pin this down. LOL! I am one of those people who learn best by being shown. Fluffy: What is a snot vampire? Man…I am kind of afraid to hear the explanation to this question.

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