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Happy Mothers Day to All You Mothers Out THere

May 10, 2009

OK.  That’s taken care of.  Did I end that sentence with a preposition?  Sorry.  I worked with a woman many years ago who could rattle off prepositions in alphabetical order at will.  Her third grade teacher made her memorize them and she never forgot.  It was something to do when work was slow or boring or for whatever other reason you could come with.   Oops.  I did it again. 

Query.  Why is oops in my spell check, but not blog? 

I don’t think that I mentioned MD Sheep & Wool.  I got there Saturday morning around 8:15.  I went to the women’s room, bought nasturtiums and took them back to he car.  They hold them for you, but I was afraid that I would have too much to carry or I would forget them.   Besides, it wasn’t far at all to my van.  It pays to come early.  It sprinkled in the afternoon, but not enough to warrant rain gear.  I didn’t buy much, but I probably mentioned that I have enough yarn to last a lifetime.  Maybe when I think I’m going to kick over, I’ll have a contest with the winner getting all my yarn and related paraphernalia. 

I found some pink and gray sock yarn to go with my poncho, but lately I have been thinking about taking it apart and making it into a sweater.  I never wear the stupid poncho, but the yarn is so nice that it deserves something better.  I also have some pink and gray skeins in other yarns, so I’m good.  I was supposed to make a scarf with them, but I never did.   

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050509 007
050509 004
Sunday, it rained all day.  But we went anyway.  My sister-in-law can’t go on Saturday.  Maybe, when she retires, she’ll get to see what the real mob looks like.   We still had a good time.  I bought size 3 and 4 needles from Signature Art Needles especially for making mitered squares.  They are amazingly light.  The person that I have been buying pins form for YEARS wasn’t there.  Neither was the Bohus kits from Poems of Color book.
Excuse me.  I have to find something for Douglass.

Girls Day Out

May 1, 2009

There was seven  of us this time.  We had a great time.  We ran our mouths for about three hours.  We were loud and other diners were probably not happy about it, but we were oblivious.  Joan went back part-time and I heard they begged  my old supervisor to come back.  Someone said the office has gone from one of the best in the nation to one of the worst.  And I thought it sucked big time when I was working. 

Tomorrow is Sheep and Wool so I am trying to have a quiet evening.  It’s supposed to rain, so there will be plenty of wet crowds to deal with.  I hope the pin lady brings some good pins this year because I was not impressed with anything she had last year.  According to Ravelry last night, over four hundred members said they were coming including.  I just hope I remember to head over to the rabbit house at noon.  I also hope that I remember to take my camera.  My neighbor doesn’t believe me that giant Angora rabbits exist.

Not Impressed

Not Impressed