Olive caught a Mole

She was so proud of herself, she wanted to bring it in to show everyone.  We wouldn’t let her in, so she played with it for a while on the sandpile.  I don’t think she ate it.  Too much fur. 

051609 021

And now for the obligatory goose baby picture.051609 023

I managed to get about half of my flowers planted on Saturday.  Yesterday, it rained, and I had knitting group.  I’ve been working on my Red Bird socks.  As usual,   I am thoroughly enjoying these socks.

051009 011

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One Response to “Olive caught a Mole”

  1. Christine Says:

    Is a mole the same thing as a mouse? Olive looks like she is having fun. That is a good catch for such a kitten. I have not seen any baby geese around here yet. It has been a cold spring so maybe they are a little late.

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