Scarf for Bella Mittens

For those of you who are looking for a food critique, we didn’t go anywhere new last night.   We went to Smith’s again.  As always, the food was wonderful.  Three of us had stuffed scallops and Paul had stuffed chicken.  He always has to be different.  The spinach, asparagus, Cole slaw and macaroni and cheese were perfect.  And s o were the rolls.

I made this to go with the Bella Mittens.  I had most of a skein left and I was still able to make a four foot scarf.  The cable pattern made it possible to slip one end into the other at any position.  I cast on 18 stitches.  I knit three stitches, did the cable, knit three stitches.   It was simple.  I used a size ten needle. 

050509 024

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