Jeff’s Nursery in Bethel

Yesterday, we went down to Jeff’s for ‘Spring is finally here.  I need to buy flowers .’   I tried to be rational and keep to a plan, but it didn’t work.  I picked up whatever I liked.  I figure if Jeff can start it, I can keep it going.  I wasn’t going to buy any hanging plants, but these two were too super to leave behind.

051309 004

They may not look like much now, but wait until they are in full bloom.  Doug wanted tomato plants and marigolds and he had to have one of these.

051309 006

This bunch of twigs cost me nearly half of what I spent.  It’s a new kind of hydrangea that he has been wanting. 

051309 003

Now, I’ve got to get them planted!  Just seeing them makes me all fuzzy inside.


One Response to “Jeff’s Nursery in Bethel”

  1. Christine Says:

    Usually I plant my bedding plants on the May long weekend. It has been way to cold. The ground is freezing cold and it still thinks it should snow occasionally. I don’t think all the ground frost is all gone yet. I bet if I dug down a couple of feet I would find some. I am not going to waste my energy though. 🙂

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