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Like Father, Like Son

December 8, 2011

My daughter called Saturday.  Did I want to go Christmas shopping on Monday?  She had forgottened that she had claimed two days months ago.  I was thinking it was really that time again.  So Sunday I left for Reisterstown.  My son left shortly after I arrived.  He had made other plans.  He has wi-fi and high speed internet and I had my laptop so I was good. 

Monday, she came over,  we made our plans and took off.  At lunchtime, we checked our notes, updated our lists and headed out once more.  We got back around 5:30.  Our mission was accomplished.  We’ve been doing this for many years.  We both have young sons and husbands that drive us crazy.    A chore is turned into a joy.

I said good bye to my daughter and came inside to find my son looking in the bags.  He knew that I had been Christmas shopping and he just had to look.  Arghh!!  I tried to scold him, but it’s so hard when he is over a foot taller and smiling at me.  So I just hit him.  He makes me crazy.  And what did he want to do this evening?  Go shopping.  He always wants to go shopping when I come.  I think he doesn’t like to go by himself.  Does he do this when his girlfriends comes?  I would think he’d have other things on his mind.

When I got home, Sweetums helped me bring everything inside.  And what does he do as soon as he puts the box down?  I found him with his face in a big bag.  Arghh!!

No Pix Today

July 29, 2009

My recharger died on this thing.  Doug ordered a new one, but I’ve all ready used up one battery.  And I have some good pictures, too—- like the two idiots who tried to come up the creek at low tide.  I’m sure they heard us laughing at them.  I didn’t realize I had become so accustomed to this laptop.

Coming to You

February 21, 2009

The router set up went pretty well.  Doug put the disk in the wrong computer.  I said I think it should go in the other, but he had to try everything else first.  Argh!  It is so nice to be able to use it whenever I want.  I get tired of  asking and waiting. 

022009-0051 I loaded a few pictures so let’s see how long that takes.  So far, this one is faster, but it may just be because there is not much on it.

Downloading this picture took about the same amount of time.  I’m just glad it worked.  I took this picture this morning.  It made nice wallpaper.





The second picture loaded more quickly.  Maybe it’s getting the idea.




Here’s my latest sock club from Red Bird.  The pattern is quick and easy and I’m enjoying making them.  I finished the ankle and the heel flap this evening.  I should have more pictures tomorrow.


February 18, 2009

So I bit the bullet and bought one.  I have to go buy a router.  I hope Walmart has one.  Otherwise, I’ll have to drive down to Salisbury and pay their 6% sales tax which I hate having to do.  I have been wanting to inventory my stash and this will make it so much easier.  As usual, I went with a refurbished one from Dell.  I knew what I needed and what Iwanted.  I had looked at several at various stores and was pleasantly surprised with what I could get through Dell.  Also, the new ones had Vista and this one has XP Pro.  My mini mouse on my sewing machine works very nicely on it, but I will probably get another one anyway.  I guess I had better add a picture so here you go.


You Go Girl!

December 12, 2008

My daughter called me yesterday, absolutely livid.  She had ordered a laptop from Dell for my grandson for Christmas and told them to send it to me.  Kevin gets home from school a lot earlier than she does and he is very nosy.  She knew she couldn’t count on John to be home in time.  He has no sense of time when he’s out on a job.  A few days ago, she called to make sure there wouldn’t be any screw-ups.  Well.  It never showed up here, but it did there.  To make matters worse, there was a picture of it on the side of the box.  She was going to call today and give them a piece of her mind and she expects to get something out of it.  Knowing her, I’m sure she will.  That’s my girl!


I’ve been working on Latvian socks.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get them over my heel so I got out a circular needle and slipped the stitches on it.   I got them on.  Hooray.  I hate to take stuff apart.  I really like working this pattern.  It moves right along.  I’ll probably get to the heel tonight.


Here are the needles I’m using.  I love them.  I got them at Stitches.  I had read about them, didn’t want to spend the money without trying them.  They are lightest metal needles that I have encountered.  I usually only use wooden double pointed needles.  Each needle is blunt at one end and pointed at the other and they have four inch lengths.  These work.

Last, but not least, I got a Christmas present today.  Last week, Doug had gotten me Rigoletto on CD.  I had the records at the other house.  When I went to put it on the CD  part didn’t work.  Well, he found a Sony mini-stereo and it came today.  He set it up rather than wrap it up.  When I put on the CD and Luciano started his aria, I started to cry.  I have heard him in concert twice and I am still overwhelmed by his perfect voice.  I am surprised that the neighbors didn’t complain.  I had the speakers on max.