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Finished Latvian Socks

October 25, 2009

I love these socks.  Look at the pink and orange.  Isn’t it great?  These are definitely happy socks.  The pattern was easy to follow and I finished them in less than two weeks.  I didn’t have much yarn left.  These are going to a friend so I’ll probably make a pair for myself eventually.102409 010

My daughter asked me to make something for one of her tellers.  She said she had been trying to get pragnent for six years.  This sounded like the perfect chance to make the practice socks in New Pathways for Sock Knitters.  102409 017Here’s my progress so far.   I used Moods from Universal Yarns Inc.  I still have quite a bit left.  Should I make mittens or a hat?

Knitter’s Nest in Eldersburg MD and Large Marge’s in Ellicott City

October 17, 2009

I decided to Look at these shops before going home.  It only takes about two hours so I had  all day.  I just wanted to sleep in my usual bed.

Knitter’s Nest was a pleasant surprise.  It has everything I want in a yarn shop.  There was a great variety of yarns, books and patterns.  I would have liked to see more needles, but you know I am a needle snob.  I loved the cozy sitting area.  The owner was pleasant and helpful, not pushy like that one in Glyndon.  I’ll definitely be going back.

Now for Large Marge.  I won’t be going back. 

I’ve got one sock finished.  This pattern was easy to memorize.101709 004


September 24, 2009

I really didn’t want to go there, but I’ve been having trouble for so long.  My daughter talked me into going.  I want to visit my girlfriend in Arizona.  I don’t want an aisle seat near the lavatory.  I want to be able to sit by a window and knit.  So I went.  She asked a bunch of questions, most of which I said, “yes”, to.  I have to go back in a month for a “procedure” that I don’t want to even think about right now.  She gave me some of  “those” pills to take to see if they help.  I have no intention of taking them forever.  I want the TVT surgery.  Besides, the pills can cause constipation which I don’t need.  I have hypothyroidism which makes you constipated anyway.  To make a long story short, I’m depressed.

092209 016One thing I can say for the urologist, they were prompt.  I only finished two rows on my sock while waiting.  It was very humid today, but I still sat outside and knit for a couple of hours.  I needed quiet time to think.

092209 010It was too sunny for Zip.092209 022Cora kept me company.

All Time High

January 5, 2009

I couldn’t believe the number of people that looked at this blog yesterday.  And it was a variety of places other than yesterday’s crap.  Interesting.

I was going to have this nice newsy blog this afternoon.  Then I realized it was knitting group day and I wanted to look at ipod accessories beforehand.  I wanted to wear my Latvian Dances, but I couldn’t find them.  One of the cats had jumped up onto the cutting table, sending the socks into the flower pots.  How do they do these things?   I couldn’t find my water bottle or my sunglasses.  I was kind of going crazy.  When I got down to the stores, I couldn’t get any deceit answers.  Everything I was interested in was on the bottom shelf.  I guess I’ll just buy on-line.

I had a nice time at knitting group.  We’re going to do an entrelac thing next time so I’ll dig out a few things and print out a few patterns.  Afterwards, Leslie and I went out to dinner and talked for a long time, so I guess I’m a bit talked out now.  When I finally got to the computer I started looking at the blog surfer.  Bad idea.  I am amazed at what I find, like this and this.  I lost tract of time.  Here’s my own kind of cute.


Latvian Dances

January 3, 2009


I finished the Latvian socks last night.  The pattern was almost perfect, considering all the charts that came with it.  I would recommend Red Bird to anyone.  The pattern did not have the two colors on the toes or bottom of the heel.  That was my doing.   These socks took less time to make than my red socks.  The increases and decreases in the red socks slowed me down.  Knowing how to hold yarn in either hand made these go fast and I am very happy with them. 

I’ve started another pair of socks.  The color is not to my liking, but the yarn feels wonderful.  The directions are a little strange.  The writer did not use standard abbreviations and some of the explanations are not well thought out. Perhaps, they were never proof read by an impartial subject.  I would probably drop this club and just get Red Bird more often, but they always send such great yarn.  What do I do? 


We had a bit of snow this afternoon.  It was gone in a couple of hours.  But it certainly was pretty to look at while it lasted.

Not Going Anywhere

December 31, 2008

It has been extremely windy all day.  I didn’t have much of a walk today.  Trying to fight the wind and walk at the same time is too much for my poor knees.  Now, it’s getting colder.  We used to go out with new year’s eve with the neighbors, but the main organizer turned out to be more than most of us could stand.  He always wanted to go to someplace fancy.  Then, he would treat the wait people like dirt.  It was very embarrassing.  He always had to show that he was better than you.  I don’t know why people have to be that way.  Most people do it occasionally, but with him it was all the time.  I feel sorry for his wife.

I am glad the year is over.  I said that I would blog every day and I did.  But, I feel that other things were neglected and I did not learn as much as I thought I would. So, I will be blogging less this coming year.  I want to spend my computer time doing other things.  If I stare at the screen for too long, I feel like I am frying part of my brain.  I was originally thinking about blogging on odd days, but maybe ten times a month is more realistic.

My next goal is to finsh my Latvian socks by Sunday so I can wear them to group.  That also means that I will also have to wind yarn before that for my next pair of socks.  I only have about an inch to do before decreasing for the toe.  Is there anything good on TV tonight?  Well, I wouldn’t mind having a look at Dick Clark.  I used to watch him on American Bandstand fifty(?) years ago.  Scary.


One Latvian Sock

December 22, 2008

I finished it at knitting group this afternoon.  I need to try it on before it’s official.  I have even started the second sock.   The toe was supposed to be solid, but I twined knitted with both colors for more durability.


It rained all night and until noon today.  Maude was very vocal about it.  We have got to stop doing this.  It’s all our fault you know that she can’t go out.  Olive is learning a lot from Maude.


Luckily for us, the rain stopped and she got to go out.  Olive is still too young to go out, but she has been practicing on the Christmas tree for when the time comes.

You Go Girl!

December 12, 2008

My daughter called me yesterday, absolutely livid.  She had ordered a laptop from Dell for my grandson for Christmas and told them to send it to me.  Kevin gets home from school a lot earlier than she does and he is very nosy.  She knew she couldn’t count on John to be home in time.  He has no sense of time when he’s out on a job.  A few days ago, she called to make sure there wouldn’t be any screw-ups.  Well.  It never showed up here, but it did there.  To make matters worse, there was a picture of it on the side of the box.  She was going to call today and give them a piece of her mind and she expects to get something out of it.  Knowing her, I’m sure she will.  That’s my girl!


I’ve been working on Latvian socks.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get them over my heel so I got out a circular needle and slipped the stitches on it.   I got them on.  Hooray.  I hate to take stuff apart.  I really like working this pattern.  It moves right along.  I’ll probably get to the heel tonight.


Here are the needles I’m using.  I love them.  I got them at Stitches.  I had read about them, didn’t want to spend the money without trying them.  They are lightest metal needles that I have encountered.  I usually only use wooden double pointed needles.  Each needle is blunt at one end and pointed at the other and they have four inch lengths.  These work.

Last, but not least, I got a Christmas present today.  Last week, Doug had gotten me Rigoletto on CD.  I had the records at the other house.  When I went to put it on the CD  part didn’t work.  Well, he found a Sony mini-stereo and it came today.  He set it up rather than wrap it up.  When I put on the CD and Luciano started his aria, I started to cry.  I have heard him in concert twice and I am still overwhelmed by his perfect voice.  I am surprised that the neighbors didn’t complain.  I had the speakers on max.