Knitter’s Nest in Eldersburg MD and Large Marge’s in Ellicott City

I decided to Look at these shops before going home.  It only takes about two hours so I had  all day.  I just wanted to sleep in my usual bed.

Knitter’s Nest was a pleasant surprise.  It has everything I want in a yarn shop.  There was a great variety of yarns, books and patterns.  I would have liked to see more needles, but you know I am a needle snob.  I loved the cozy sitting area.  The owner was pleasant and helpful, not pushy like that one in Glyndon.  I’ll definitely be going back.

Now for Large Marge.  I won’t be going back. 

I’ve got one sock finished.  This pattern was easy to memorize.101709 004

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2 Responses to “Knitter’s Nest in Eldersburg MD and Large Marge’s in Ellicott City”

  1. wiredcupcake Says:

    Hi! Just wondering, what underwhelmed you at Large Marge’s? I live nearby, but usually go to “All About Yarn” in Columbia(the owners are great), and was curious if it was even worth checking out.

    I’m not a highly experienced knitter, so buying information is always welcome!

  2. vicki Says:

    I just stopped in at large marge’s shop. I was curious, and thought while too much space was unused, and not enough samples were on display, that the store had potential. I will try several of the nightly knitting groups to see if the ATMOSPHERE is promising, All About Yarn is a great store and has been in business prior to the recession. Let’s give large marge a chance.

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