Not Going Anywhere

It has been extremely windy all day.  I didn’t have much of a walk today.  Trying to fight the wind and walk at the same time is too much for my poor knees.  Now, it’s getting colder.  We used to go out with new year’s eve with the neighbors, but the main organizer turned out to be more than most of us could stand.  He always wanted to go to someplace fancy.  Then, he would treat the wait people like dirt.  It was very embarrassing.  He always had to show that he was better than you.  I don’t know why people have to be that way.  Most people do it occasionally, but with him it was all the time.  I feel sorry for his wife.

I am glad the year is over.  I said that I would blog every day and I did.  But, I feel that other things were neglected and I did not learn as much as I thought I would. So, I will be blogging less this coming year.  I want to spend my computer time doing other things.  If I stare at the screen for too long, I feel like I am frying part of my brain.  I was originally thinking about blogging on odd days, but maybe ten times a month is more realistic.

My next goal is to finsh my Latvian socks by Sunday so I can wear them to group.  That also means that I will also have to wind yarn before that for my next pair of socks.  I only have about an inch to do before decreasing for the toe.  Is there anything good on TV tonight?  Well, I wouldn’t mind having a look at Dick Clark.  I used to watch him on American Bandstand fifty(?) years ago.  Scary.


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2 Responses to “Not Going Anywhere”

  1. Christine Says:

    Glad to hear that you are not giving up blogging altogether. I would miss you. Lover that sock pattern.

  2. Howard Says:

    No No, I always look at your blog each day don’t stop daily blogging

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