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Like Father, Like Son

December 8, 2011

My daughter called Saturday.  Did I want to go Christmas shopping on Monday?  She had forgottened that she had claimed two days months ago.  I was thinking it was really that time again.  So Sunday I left for Reisterstown.  My son left shortly after I arrived.  He had made other plans.  He has wi-fi and high speed internet and I had my laptop so I was good. 

Monday, she came over,  we made our plans and took off.  At lunchtime, we checked our notes, updated our lists and headed out once more.  We got back around 5:30.  Our mission was accomplished.  We’ve been doing this for many years.  We both have young sons and husbands that drive us crazy.    A chore is turned into a joy.

I said good bye to my daughter and came inside to find my son looking in the bags.  He knew that I had been Christmas shopping and he just had to look.  Arghh!!  I tried to scold him, but it’s so hard when he is over a foot taller and smiling at me.  So I just hit him.  He makes me crazy.  And what did he want to do this evening?  Go shopping.  He always wants to go shopping when I come.  I think he doesn’t like to go by himself.  Does he do this when his girlfriends comes?  I would think he’d have other things on his mind.

When I got home, Sweetums helped me bring everything inside.  And what does he do as soon as he puts the box down?  I found him with his face in a big bag.  Arghh!!

Pointy Kitty

March 4, 2010

I sewed the thing together, looked at it and tossed it out.  I decided that it should be twice as big.  I’ll fool with it another time.  I have a flag wall hanging cut out to work next. 

My girlfriends and I are going yarn shopping tomorrow.  We had such a good time the last time.  I’m really looking forward to it.  We would have gone out last Sunday, but my car was sick.  Now, it’s fixed so we are going on a field trip.  Maybe this time I will remember to take pictures.

I have ten rows left to knit on the ‘Sweater from Hell’.  Maybe I’ll be sewing and cutting the skeet soon.