One Sock is Finished

p1010891It fits perfectly.  The pattern was easy to follow and went fast.  I’ve all ready got about two inches on the second.  It’s going to be a little different.  I’ll show you later.  I’m not certain that I like it yet. 

It was actually warm enough yesterday to sit outside for a while.  Today, it must be about 20 degrees cooler and the forecast is calling for snow on Monday.  Just as long as it doesn’t snow tomorrow.  I’ve got knitting group and I don’t want to miss it.  I don’t do snow.  

When I was working, the big boss tried to tell me how he was on his way to work one morning and how beautiful the snowflakes were.  I knew what he was really saying.  “I don’t want you staying home whenever there’s a little snow”.  I rolled my eyes at him, got up and left his office.  He was not happy with me anyway.  When he tried to make me work mandatory overtime , I got a note from my doctor.  Several months later, they said they had “lost” it and needed a new one.  I said, “tell me exactly what it needs to say and I’ll have my doctor fax you a new one.”  Boy, I certainly don’t miss all that bull crap.

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2 Responses to “One Sock is Finished”

  1. Christine Says:

    I have quit missing work. I have not bothered phoning work to tell them that I am back. I don’t know if I ever will bother.

  2. Cinderella Says:

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