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I have been getting really nice sock yarn from the club, but the patterns are lacking.  If it weren’t for the great yarn, I would stop.  Since I am not lacking in great sock patterns, I will keep it.  Right now, I have come up with eight patterns that would work well with this yarn.  When I am ready to start them, I’ll make my final decision.  I have to finish my other Sanquhar glove first.  It’s been too hot to work outside for the past few days so very little progress has been made. 

It was a little cooler today, but very humid.  Plus, the septic guy came so I didn’t really want to be outside anyway.  It seemed like a good time to experiment with an orange chiffon cake.  I have a recipe, but it makes a really big cake.  Even with our neighbors coming over, I knew it would be too much.  I wound up making between 5/8 and 2/3 of the recipe.  This is where you look at things out of the corner of your eye and squint a lot, but not so much that you give yourself a headache.   I also made an orange drizzle icing for it.  Everyone pronounced it delicious and ate a bunch, but I still have half of it left.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Could you freeze the cake for later?

    I had been doing a lot of the squinting and taking the glasses off and trying to read holding the page an inch from my face. I went to the eye doc and complained. I got my new glasses last week and I am so impressed. The lenses are fantastic. It was worth the extra money that I had to pay. FANTASTIC! I have permanent wrinkles from scrunching my face up.

    It feels like fall here. The trees are starting to think so to.

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