I Don’t Have a New Kitten

But, Zip considers himself the baby.  He has been very frisky since the weather cooled a little.  And he has been coming in later at night.  Maude, on the other hand, has been spending more time indoors where her toes don’t get cold.

I am trying to blog earlier today.  On most days, I’m doing it right before going to bed when I’m not thinking too clearly anyway.  I really should spend a little more time on my computer, but it’s too nice outside.  It is getting cooler.  I don’t where my sandals much, unless I’m wearing handmade socks.  I’m not wearing shorts much either, but I haven’t put them on the shelf in the back of my closet yet. 

I dragged out the Einstein coat I made a few years ago to see if I could do something with it.  I made it out of my crazy ex-girlfriend’s yarn for her to use as a sample.  The yarn is a grey, tan, brown color that she knew was the latest color.  Well, she was wrong.  I wonder what she did with all that yarn?  I am not a grey, tan, or brown person so I embellished the h**l out of it.  I got great ideas from Knitted Embellishments.  When she gave it back to me, I threw it in a closet.  But, it kept calling me.  I got it out.  I put it on—for the thousandth time.  It finally hit me.  It’s too long.  Now, if you know anything about Sally Melville’s pattern, you know that the bottom is knit sideways.  Bummer.   I have to take out the last 15 or so bound off stitches and pull out every single row along the bottom.  After I do that, I have to decide if I should cut the ends and do fringe or weave about a thousand strands through the wrong side.  Ugh!

The old man is doing well.  He had another seizure on the bed.  He didn’t wet much, so there is only the quilt to wash.  He has had three that I have seen.  Is this where the “nine lives” business comes from?

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  1. Christine Says:

    Poor Elvis…I hope he does noit have any more seizures! I kind of figured that I had already seen that cat…Zippo around before. It is just that it looked like a kitten in the picture. Some days I am not to quick on the draw! Duh! That coat is going to be tons of work. Just think…I am complaining cause I have to unravel Angela’s Siwash sweater’s cuffs so I can put new cuffs on it.

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