A Little Quilt


This is not the quilt.  These are my wavy socks.  You can see the purple peeking out on this picture.  If you want the pattern, it’s on the right under Wavy Panda Silk Socks.  I haven’t put it on Ravelry yet, so you’ll have a first.


Now, this is a quilt.  It still needs a border.  It needs to be big enough to cover  an over-stuffed chair.  Flo likes to lay on the top of the back and everyone likes the cushion.  Since it’s off white, it needs to be covered.  The chair came with the house.  It will probably be replaced when we expand the living room.  Or not.  We do have a dog chair.  Why not have a cat chair?

No one wants to sit here anyway.  It's got about seven years of Gus hair on it.

No one wants to sit here anyway. It’s got about seven years of Gus hair on it.


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