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Opposite Shore Beret

February 18, 2011

I like the pattern.  The hat fits well, but it’s a bit heavy.  I may sell it.  I had just enough yarn.  I did not bother with the cables at the very top.  Here again, they were very difficult to see in brown.  It wasn’t worth the effort.  I’ll probably make it again in another yarn.   It is a very good-looking hat.  It comes in three sizes and I think it would look good on anyone. 

I have started another pair of socks, but haven’t taken a picture yet.  I got a lot accomplished at the vet’s yesterday.  It was time for Rue’s next shot.  When I got there, the lot was very full.  I considered going back home, but I managed to get into a corner.  Besides, there was all that uninterrupted yarn time to think about and the other animal lovers.  There all always so many interesting stories.  These are Sussex County folks with a whole different outlook on life.  I really have a great time.  I love listening to them and sharing in their experiences.  They are wonderful.  Even the first time I came, I felt welcome.  Here are people who feel the same way that I do and are happy to hear what you have to say.